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User Info: njorls

4 years ago#11
Mjoll didn't bring Aerin in the game I married her
I should go.

User Info: bloodgod92

4 years ago#12
You can have:

2 x Children
Carriage Driver
Housecarl (for the region the home is in)

So there are 7 people who can permanently reside in your home, excluding yourself, but by exploiting bugs to gain extra followers you can have a great deal of people defending your home from attacks :)
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User Info: youngval312

4 years ago#13
Which bugs are those?
-Val Young-

User Info: bloodgod92

4 years ago#14
youngval312 posted...
Which bugs are those?

It mainly involves keeping quest related NPCs around, exploiting the extra followers (who do not replace your main follower)

There is a list of them here:

On top of that list, you can have your main follower, Shadowmere (or any horse) and the Spectral Assassin (from the DB quest line) I am unsure of how summoned creatures work, if they cancel each other out as I have yet to actually use magic :| but if you bring all of them to your homestead where you already have a horse waiting, which is another friendly combatant, you will tear through any attackers :)
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