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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#421
I summoned Arvak and the rest of the battlemages summoned their spectral horses. The zombies were already running at full charge to the walls corroding them with every swing of their vile arms. "Imperfect 3.0, charge!" The automaton whirled into action, quickly catching up with the revenants and slamming through the wall.

Solaire: "Battlemages, on me. Pelt the walls with spell fire as you charge."

Solaire pointed his blade forward and the battlemages were off.

User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#422

I jumped down, and found Vallus and the officers.

"Okay, they're heading in from the north. Valluys you have the wolves head in first, Lizzy, you take the students and Yami's platoon and mow em down. Saladil, your men take to the walls."

I bat-swarmed up to a rooftop, and saw possibly the biggest Dwemer construct I've ever seen...

"By the Gods..."


"It's okay... I thought I'd never see you again... Whatever the hell you did, it opened a portal for me to get out of that damned place."
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User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#423
I am drinking a nice long gulp of water when a zombie bursts through the doors of the inn. I immediately send it flying with a large Fireball spell. When I look outside to examine it I see the chaos. They're everywhere. I run into my room to get my stuff.
"We all start with innocence, but the world leads us to guilt."

User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#424
Before I decided to go through with the charge, I looked to the east. I raised my hand up high, then brought it to the level of my face in a downward motion. Arrows gleaming of all types of enchants, from flames to fury rained down on the city. Then blasts from siege canons shortly followed. "Velenreth, your time has come."

User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#425

''Got it.'' I turned to my troops, ''Focus your defense on the north! Take the zomibes out! Leave the automaton to the others!''

The was a loud roar, and about half of my troops had already transformed and rushed ahead. Floyd and I followed close behind, but even from this distance I could tell these zombies were different...

''Arrows!'' I call out just as they began to rain down. Floyd teleported away, and I dove to cover, just barely dodging the rain of arrows. Others weren't so lucky.
You move like an insect. You think like an insect. You ARE an insect.
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#426

Once we were out, I took the chest off my back and set it in front of the three of us.

"Found this when I fell down that hole. Now, I get first dibs of what's inside!" I said as I tried to pry open the chest, but to no avail.

"Wanna help, or just stand there with that dumb look on your face?" I said to Ellie.


"I just smashed that machine over there. It ran on souls Aeya. Souls! I'm just glad you weren't in there. And where'd you get the new cloak?" I asked as I looked at her again.
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#427
This was excellent. My soul count was sky rocketing. As I slowly rode up to the city, I noticed clouds of bats in the air and packs of werewolves quickly approaching the battlemages as they rained spell fire on the city. "The spells, use them my children!" I shout a volley of that vampire bane spell into the sky. The bats quickly turned into dissoriented men that fell to the ground with hard splats. "More souls! More souls hehehehahahhah!!"

Solaire's men then armed themselves with their blades and spears and showered the werewolves with the electricity spell. Stumbling out of their beast form on all fours left them naked and unarmed. Lambs to the slaughter...

User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#428

I was suddenly surrounded by Altmer in grey cloaks, their faces obscured, their eyes all the same black and green. Before I could draw my sword I felt a spell slam into me and I screamed in pain. My heart began to beat.

"What have you ARGH!" I felt an electric sensation run through me. Red arcs of lighting pouring or of Lamae's ring. It's resisting it?! I felt the arcs climbe across my hands and neck, causing all of my jewelry to shatter, san Vallus's amulet.

I felt no difference. Did I just absorb my rings and necklaces? My vampirism was unaffected as well.

"Heh... tickled." I said before slamming my fists into the attackers.


"Well I feel way stronger now, for some reason. I mean." I glided out of his embrace and produced a giant mace that dwarfed everyone in the room.

"Neat, huh?"
r u aven a giggl ther m8
ill bash ye ead in swear on me mum

User Info: Jstretch19

4 years ago#429

I was woken by the sound of fighting in the inn, I jumped downstairs and slaughtered some skeletons and zombies who had entered, the left behind a purple gas. "Dammit, WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T INHALE THE GAS!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I made my way through the streets and found Vallus hiding from the many volley's of arrows. "Tell your men that its imperative they don't breathe in the purple gas these creatures give off when they die. I saw it in Alinor, it knocked the entire legion squad there unconscious."

With that I ran through the streets and up to the battlements where a giant dwemeri-like golem was assaulting the city's wall. "COME ON BASTARD!" I called at it, "FIGHT ME!"


The ingenium continued feeding me power, I was more than twice as powerful as I was when that idiot attacked me. Soon I'll have all the power I need to take over this land.

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#430

"If you see a giant bat, how often do you think their face will not be dumb?"
I picked up the chest and ripped off the top, I dropped it to the floor in front of Yami
"Ladies first"
The official POOTIS to the Elder Scrolls RP.
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