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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#1
Rules are:
1.No taking control of other peoples characters, saying stuff like "the guards spot and kill Vallus" is not allowed
2. Don't post once and leave, your needed.
3. Stay in character, act like you stated what your character acts like, do what you'd think your character would do etc.
4. If you wish to approve of something that can change the story in a major way, do it over a private message with the person you are doing it with and me. This way, a decision like killing someones character is taken care of professionally and not through arguments. You can send private messages by clicking on a users name and hitting "send PM" on the right hand side.
5. You can have multiple characters if you have shown you are a regular to the game. (1-3 max)
6. When posting for the first time or with a new character in the main thread, take the page your characters info is on this thread and link it in your first post along with your characters name so we all know who you are.
7. There is a limit of 4 arcs at once (great war, and 3 random ones) small groups of people (1-2) do not count as an arc.
8. You can only have 3 characters MAX.
This is the character template, use to it make your character, if 3/5 council members agree then you will be free to post (there's usually at least 1-2 council members at one time so don't worry about waiting too long)




BEAST FORM (if any):




Other Rules:

Available provinces for the RP are: Summerset isle, Valenwood, Hammerfell, Elswyer, Skyrim and Cyrodiil.

Travelling to different provinces:
For a limited time you can go into a different province (Black marsh, Morrowind) but you must...
A. Do what you want quickly and get out.
B. have a partner to go with you so your not interacting with NPCs all the time.
C. Tell the council what exactly you intend to do.

As long as the guild existed at the time of the Great War, you can interact with them or join them.

Being idle:
There's no problem in going away (sleep, school, trip) but if you constantly go away, don't expect to be able to retain full control on an important character that has a large effect on the RP (An arc villain for example) otherwise people may be forced to move on without you.

Other details:

A recap will be posted every thread to keep people up to date, it would be appreciated if at least 1 person per arc made notes of what happened to the group during the thread.

The council make the decisions, but your suggestions are very welcome, feel free to share.
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#2
NAME: Taldriel
RACE: Bosmer
AGE: 19
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: Armed Informants, thieves guild, former acolyte in chantry of Y'ffree, also one of hircine's hunters.
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Eagle's eye(title he is known by) cuz that's not generic at all!
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Minor animalistic attributes obtained from wild hunt. Like claws, fangs, spines, talons and such. Short bow and arrows. Also uses a battle stave with curved blades on each end.
REGION OF BIRTH: The Elden Grove, Valenwood
OCCUPATION: Mercernary, Assassin, Information gatherer, hunter.

Born in the great misty forest of Elden grove Taldriel was meant to be on the council of the tribal rulers in bosmeri government. His clan lived in the labyrinth of a forest, Elven Grove, under the protection of Y'ffree. Growing to become a tribal leader, he took religion and other tribal customs very seriously going so far as to learning the beast tongue fluently, and learning the rituals and ancient processes that his clan upheld so high. Of course one of the rituals was the wild hunt.

He partook in an initiation ceremony, where young men would start their way to learning the diplomacy and basics of bosmeri government. Part of the ceremony was undergoing a full wild hunt by yourself, so one would not pose a danger to the rest of tamriel. What his elders didn't count on, was a thalmor purge interrupting the ceremony, and thus the boy's concentration.

As the thalmor war mages began their purge, the boy was just then starting the process. His concentration was lossed, and thus so was his control. He alone tore through the thalmor purge party, but he also tore through his whole clan. Filled with grief, sorrow, and anger he forsake Y'ffree and looked for someone who would give him control.

In that he found Hircine. Hircine used the boy in many of his wild hunts in the hunting grounds, hunting humans and werewolves alike the boy became proficient at it. By age fifteen he was taking down the strongest of beasts and finding ways to merge his animalistic prowess to his human body.

One day while hunting trolls and giants in the Jerall mountains, a curious man named Avon brought the boy to his home. Offering pay for his unique skills. He accepted the jobs Avon offered and eventually began working for him full time.

FAMILY: All deceased

BEAST FORM: varies and is rarely ever used.

PERSONALITY: Competitive, brash, and very cunning. He has a smart mouth, and disrespects most authority.

HAIR: Long black wild hair in cornrows
EYES: Purple
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Black Tribal Tattoos over his left eye and one from the bridge of his nose to his forehead in a downward arrow shape.
SKIN: Olive skin, tribal tattoos adorning his arms and all down his back.
BODY: 5'5 lean and fit.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Darkbrown armour made of wood from a Hist tree and troll leather. Resistant to fire.

LIKES: Meat, hunting, playing with his food, hircine, getting the drop on his kills, taking down big game and strong targets.
DISLIKES: Werewolves, specifically Naspis. Silver, thalmor, mages of all types.

AMBITIONS: To improve his skill in the hunt, became better than Naspis at hunting, became better than silver in general, to gain full control of the wild hunt, and to hunt deadly prey.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: To become the best he can possibly be (I know, lame)

PICTURE: (minus facial hair)

User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#3

Blue everywhere.
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User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#4
I work tommorrow. Twelve to eight.
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User Info: thenightfather

4 years ago#5
Name:Bob El'Dec
Region of Birth:Hammerfell
Weapon/Magic:Hand Combat/Novice Illusion Skills
Occupation:Homeless No Job
History:Watched Dark BrotherHood Murder Family at age of 7.Found by a man know as Frank Sakton. Bob El'Dec Ran away At the age of 18 to try infiltrate the ranks of the Dark BrotherHood but could not kill innocent civilians. Though Joining the The Theives Guild Had to leave because he Knew a Secreat he wasn't ment to know. His only friend was Dirk who he lost touch at age 24 when he stole alls Bob's money and ran off. Bob didn't care about the money but Dirk stole only thing left of his parents their Amulets. At age he came across The mask of the Gray Fox Himself. But the Dark Brother Hood tracked him down but Bob's Skills of hand to hand combat saved his life when knocked out the assassin then killed him. But while fleeing the area lost The Mask of The Gray Fox. Now Lives in the Waterfront District.
Family:No Known Family But On a lead to finding a long Lost sister
Personality:Very Argessive If you cross him he may punch you in the face.
Hair:Shoulder Length Dark Brown Hair
Facial Hair:Long Black Beard.
Skin:Light Brown
Body:Very Light Small
Clothing:Ragged Clothing/Fur Boots/Gloves Of Hard Hits:Enchanted Unarmed Combat Damage +10
Can't sell because not trusted.
Likes:Nice Quiet Life. Happiness.
Dislike:Anything Evil.Especcially Dark Brotherhood
Ambitions:To Take out The Dark Brotherhood Kill Dirk
Reasons:Dark Brotherhood KilledbFamily Tried to kill him.
Dirk Stole Everything he owned and A priceless Possion.
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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#6
That was annoying to read, no offence.
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#7
It's another provisional.

I don't know anymore, I just don't know. Especially with that writing style/format.

I mean, I don't wanna come off as rude, or mean but...


I suppose ill give him the benefit of the doubt, and approve his character?


User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#8
I don't want to sound rude but...

Level 10 and a Redguard called Bob. Seems fishy.
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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#9
What's the councils view on islands like Valiente's?
Remember FMLG told ya!
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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#10
FMLG posted...
What's the councils view on islands like Valiente's?

I'm aight with it.

Snakefang'll probably get one... Y'know, to park his ships n s***.
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