Skyrim character build: dremora lord

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User Info: GOOSEpk7

4 years ago#1
Race: high elf or dunmer

Character creation: i think high elf for height but dunmer for dark skin. I would go for a high elf because dunmer is extremely short. Make the skin as dark as possible and get a lot of red war paint.

Weapon type: 2 handed

Armor type: heavy

Weapon: i reccomend a greatsword, deadric when possible

Armor: daedric when possible

Skills: two handed heavy armor smithing enchanting and you should get conjuration if you want for extra dremora lords to help

Strategy: when you level up go for health mostly and stamina and some magicka but not a lot( magicka is for extra dremora lords if you go for that). Get enchanting pretty high for the fire enchant on the weapon. Dont go for a daedric helmet though.then charge your enemies like any dremora lord.

Background( spoiler): you are one of the most powerful dremora lords in Lord dagons ranks. You are amongst a special team of warriors, the dremora lords. There are few dremora lords left. They are the most powerful dremora ever. They can only be summoned by the few mortals powerful enough to wield mehrunes razor. You were summoned by a mortal and you were challenged to fight him. You were beaten and the mortal told you to retrieve a sigil stone. When you took it for lord dagon he was angry and stripped you of your armor and weapons and sent you to the border of skyrim where imperials caught you. You were outnumbered with no weapons or armor and they took you to be beheaded. You must win back the favor of lord dagon by doing daedric quests. Save mehrunes razor for last. You must do whatever it takes to get your armor and weapons back.

Playstyle: mean. If possible you must intimidate everyone. When you win lord dagons favor back, you must take over skyrim by conquering dungeons and taking over everything.( you can get pickpocket up to 100 and put something in everyones pocket that shows that they are under your control. Or if people equip any armor that you pickpocket into their pockets then you can put daedric armor but i dont know if it works.)

Hope you like this
I will make more if you like it
I'm a goose.SO DEAL WITH IT!!

User Info: DarkHoles

4 years ago#2
Yeah i like it, might give it a go. GIVE EVERYONE DAEDRIC ARMOUR you be crazy lol, doing this legit would take way to long lol.

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#3
Sounds cool to me.
There are many cool builds out there like:

Captain America (shield and unarmed)
Thor (two handed or one handed with electric destruction)
Falmer (falmer weapons/armor and poison)
Alik'r (alik'r clothes and curved swords)

One I created myself a long time ago was a Deadpool one with 2 Blades swords and Fireballs (grenades).
I never quite finished the look, stood with Dark Brotherhood clothes and Nightingale Hood. -- GT: Gears of Wario
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