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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#281

"It's not a double standard, Naspis. And I heard that... But please, this is more than fair. Hell, the fact I'm not making Saladil keep you human should be proof enough I'm the one who's giving here."

Vallus came in.

"Really? Well, that'll be good for her. Very good for her."

Zulla (Human):

I began using my bound greatsword to cut down small trees and saplings... this'll take a while...


"Doing something. Otherwise I'd have shut the door and ripped your clothes off." I said with a grin.

"Hmmm... Any ideas?"

Captain Snakefang:

"We'll decide. We still have four months or so, right?"


"Oh that... That'd what you bring to a war..." I nodded in approval. I spy a wisp of smoke out of the corner of my eye, acting strangely. When Voiran's not looking I wink at it, then sit down on my cot. I go through my spare robes and wrap up my newly uncursed hand and flipped through a tome.
We must experience Sadness, Anger, Joy and Happiness.
Only then you will know your role in life.

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#282

"Yeah, pretty much"
I looked at Dad, he seemed happy, yet something didn't seem right, the atmosphere seems more like a surprise gone spoilt or something.
"Well... It was great to see you again Dad... You'll love being a grandad"


I nodded as they left the room.
"Damn it Ellie...how could you join the dominion? You should've KNOWN that you had a family to raised and now you have both sides trying to kill you...I CANT die and let my family live without a grandfather...I just can't..."

I slammed my knuckles against the table.
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#283

Naspis scoffed. ''Like your little Salad boy could force me to do anyth-''
''Yeah, I figured Zulla might like visitors. Not implying that she's bored or anything, just thought she'd enjoy extra company.'' I said to Vereez, ignoring Naspis completely, ''I hope they have a good trip. With Lykos... nevermind. So... what's going on around here?''
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User Info: Mayus_Black

4 years ago#284
Mado S'qadar to Cinxia Victus/ Lucius

Mado gently lifted Cinxia out of the way, "Peace, Seenzeeya. Mado sees that this one does not care for words."

Mado started towards the center of the now empty room. "Come Looseeyus, we will let our actions determine who we are.

General Vanus

I had just dismissed the last of the troops from the room.

Mado was still talking to his friend Cinxia when I saw the armored man pull his sword. After a few brief words they began to head towards the center of the room.

I had to stop whatever was happening.

"Hold!" I said with all the authority I could muster as a general, which years of experience has told me, was quite a bit.

Thinking fast, I determine that a little lie might help this situation.

"Do you realize, that you are about to enter combat with a member of the Imperial legion, under my command? That's tantamount to an assault on the Empire itself."

Which was technically true as I had offered Mado a position.
Bitter is the tongue that cuts as a knife.

User Info: Lakitu673

4 years ago#285

As Mado and Lucius approached the center of the room Gregan approached me.

"Hey Cinxia, I found some soul gems you asked for. Sorry the best I could find was greater." He discreatly places them in my hand.

"Thanks, this could very well be a life saver." In truth I'm slightly disappointed but I will have to make do.

"Should we make our way to the arcane enchanter?"

"I want to see how this plays out. There is something off about this Lucius. He might not back down." I reply back with trepidation.

That's right Cinxia. Spill his blood! He's going to hurt your friend
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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#286

"I'm full of respect for the Empire, really. But I think the Empire has more pressing matters than little old Lucius." He replied, noting that he was giving his name away, however him being a vigilante didn't necessarily lead to the Knights. Necessarily... "I have no qualms with either of you, just the Cat." Perhaps provocation would be the best method...
Remember Zapdos made ya!
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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#287

"Not much, really. Perhaps we could go out for a hunt sometime? Or now if nothing's too urgent."

Zulla (Human):

I returned with enough wood to give Judoc the same funeral pyre he gave Linzi. I opened the door after I finished it, and scooped Judoc's body up and placed it on the pyre, carefully. I went back inside and picked up Géraud and held him, as we all headed outside.

"I'm sorry, Géraud... I'm so sorry..." I said to him as I lit the pyre.
We must experience Sadness, Anger, Joy and Happiness.
Only then you will know your role in life.

User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#288
We watch the fire in silence til only his ashes are left. I turn to Zulla. "Did he say where he wanted his ashes spead?"
"We all start with innocence, but the world leads us to guilt."

User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#289

''Hunting? Sure, we can go hunting.'' I said to Vereez, ''I have all my required stuff anyway. Let's go.''
''Um, Vallus, you know that-'' Naspis began.
''Naspis, please, just stop talking or something.''
''Fine, fine. You won't hear a peep from me...''

Vereez and I left Naspis and proceeded out of the castle, but stopped before reaching the city.

''Um, technically you being in public breaks one of Naspis' 'conditions', if it matters... just saying...''
You move like an insect. You think like an insect. You ARE an insect.
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#290

"Hmmmm.... Well, not re-" I was cut off by Yami waking immediately and running to the window. She threw it open and vomited before slumping to the floor, silent.

"YAMI?!" I ran over to her and threw a blanket on her naked body, so the wind from outside wouldn't get her sick.

"What happened?" I asked with the utmost concern.


I slowly walked over and sat next to Yami and Sam.

"Yeah, tell us. It's ok, it's never as worse as it seems... unless it is" I mumbled the last part so Yami couldn't hear. I know that what I just said is utter bull****, but it might make her feel better.


"I... My dream.... No one snapped. I was able to stop everyone. I saw Ar-Ar, and he... he was the same old Ar-Ar, but I was the one who snapped. I was yelling like he was, about enslaving everyone, and he..." I stopped to collect myself a bit.

"He did something that...made him die, but I became sane... and..." I grew quiet immediately. as I thought about what happened and such.
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