Ace Dovahkiin: dragon detective (build)

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User Info: AflockOfHippies

4 years ago#1
Think I may try this just to see.....

Race: Wood Elf (command animal)

Skills: very high illusion (you are a master of disguise). So sneak also. You will also need a high speech skill.( High speech skill for your a** as well). A strong perception as you are a master detective. Ooop...wrong game. Ah, keep it anyway, you'll need it. Pickpocket. Pretty much all the thief associated skills; as stealth and deception are your friends. You prefer to avoid direct physical conflict but "unarmed" if fine. Get the pugilist gloves in Riften. Perhaps one-handed (dagger) or bow if needed. All crafting skills as well. Focus on shouts also. Alllllrighty, then.

Favorite Thu'um: Shi-Ka-ka.

Weaknesses: pretty women, bats

Play style: defensive: centers around illusion, stealth, and speech

Backstory: A lover of animals, you have traveled to Skyrim to save the bears from Temba Wide-Arms and the never ending army of poachers she keeps sending after them. On your way there you are forced to kill a dragon and become devastated by the event. So you go to live with the Greybeards where you try to learn what it means to be Dragonborn and achieve CHIM so you can save all the animals of Skyrim. Little do you know there is a small, Breton ascending the 7000 steps even now with an urgent mission only you can accomplish.....

Slowly the wary traveler climbs his way to the top. It seemed forever ago he passed the "High Hrothgr 10 miles" sign. But the ones now ahead told him he was close. "Beware of Dragon", "Trespassers will be shouted", and "Private Mountain". Exhausted he reached the thick, steel doors that stood daunting over him. Taking a moment to catch his breath he noticed the "No Soliciting" sign posted next to the door. It was written in Nord, Elven, and Dragon tongue. He mused at how reclusive these Greybeards were. Grabbing the handle that looked oddly like dragon buttocks he banged the door.....

would you like to know more? *says in voice from Starship Troopers*
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User Info: Tonoolvera

4 years ago#2
Please go on.... ;D

User Info: 0UT0FTH3G4M3R

4 years ago#3
I like the mask build idea better. Get the Rahgot mask and then just act real crazy...

Maybe get wabbajack too, and wabbajack everything!
The petty squabbles of lesser men and the common rabble are of no greater concern to my grand design.

User Info: AflockOfHippies

4 years ago#4

Despite the cold and blistery wind that whipped against it, the buttock-shaped door handle was warm in his hands. It both surprised and somewhat disturbed him at the same time. As he waited he began to notice the bones lying around the front door. There were skeletons of what appeared to have been small girls with boxes of various types of sweet rolls scattered about, and a couple of adult skeletons still holding pamphlets about Mara. After a few moments the door slid open and a frail-looking old man stood before him.
"Yes." Arngeir asked.
Uh, yes." the Breton began nervously, "I am looking for a dragonborn."
"We have had many dragonborns come here over time." the Greybeard smiled.
'Yes, this one would be a Wood Elf goes by the name Ace"
"But here we are all one with the Thu'um." Arngeir answered, still no help. The Breton thought a minute as he removed his hat.
"Yes, but this one bends over and shouts out his a**"
A sour chord struck Anrgeir's face as he stepped back and held open the door, "Oh, him..."

To be continued....
If you were me then I would be you and I would use your hands to type this.

User Info: AflockOfHippies

4 years ago#5
The temple is quiet as the old man leads him to a room set off way in the back and pushes the door open, then steps away as he enters. The room is filled with animals. Goats, chickens, skeevers, dogs, rabbits, a sexy female Khajiit. The Wood Elf sat in the center of the room quietly meditating.

"How long has he been like this?" He noted his almost vegetative state.

"Ah, yes, the incident with the dragon was a very traumatic experience for him." Arngeir said.

"Yes," the Breton wiped his brow, "I heard about that." He moved in closer. "Excuse me, Ace Dovahkiin?"

No reply.

"Ace?" He waved his hand in front of the contemplative Elf. "Hello, sir?"

Slowly the Wood Elf opened his eyes. "Ah, a stranger. Hello, traveler. Did you come to hear my Oh-Dats-Rank shout?"

The Breton glanced back at Arngeir who nodded a very suggestive "no".

To be continued...
If you were me then I would be you and I would use your hands to type this.
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