What skill trees would you like to see in the next game?

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User Info: Rikiaz

4 years ago#11

Forgot to say that Destruction should also have Weakness to X Spells.

Illuison; Should have the following spell effects: Fury, Fear, Calm, Rally, Command, Invisibility, Silence, Noise. Perks should give secondary effects to spells, such as Fury spells make the target do more damage, Calm spells lower resistances to attacks ect.

Restoration; Should have the following spell effects: Fortify Attribute/Skill, Restore, Absorb, Turn Undead, Sun Damage, Cure, Dispel and Resist.

Alteration; Should have the following spell effects: Teleport, Detect, Armor, Telekinesis, Jump, Waterwalking/breathing, Open, Burden, Slowfall, Feather.

Conjuration; Should have the following spell effects: Summon, Reanimate, Soul Trap, and spells that use Soul Gems to do something, such as restore magicka by sacrificing a filled soul gem.

Spell Making; If it is possible to keep spells interesting like Cloak, Rune and Channeled spells. With Skyrim's system it is currently NOT possible but I don't want to have the system go backward to accommodate for it.

Enchanting; Fix it. Also let me actually enchant my own staffs and scrolls. Also certain materials should be better for enchanting than others such as Stahlrim having better frost damage.

I don't think I am forgetting anything but I might be.
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#12
FMLG posted...
Wayfarer is pretty much what you'd expect, it has things about making tents and fires, stopping animals attacking you and iirc had some things you'd expect acrobatics and athletics.

Intresting would add a big RP element, kind of a survival skill I like that.
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4 years ago#13
thor23 posted...
royic posted...
unarmed ( if skyrim perks stay, focused on using gauntlets for offense)
mysticism (returned with jump spells, mark, recall, and half the branch dedicated to necromancy)

I don't think necromancy will work in any other tree than conjuration. If you move necromancy to a different skill, then conjuration becomes pretty useless. Why would anyone bother training conjuration if they could train mysticism and have access to raising minions plus a bunch of other spells? Plus, they'd have to move telekineses and detect life back into Mysticism, and Alteration is severely lacking variety as it is.

You can add more perks that boost conjured weapons or more perks that boost atronachs.
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User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#14
- Dual-Wielding (yes, dual-wielding should have it's own perk tree)
- Shapeshifting (new magic school that lets you transform into a variety of different Were-creatures like Werewolf, Werebear, Werecrocodile, Werevulture, Werelion etc.)
- Acrobatics (dodge roll, ninja flipping. jumping/climbing etc.)
- Unarmed (kicking, grabs etc.)
- Trap/Bomb making skill
- Cooking skill
- Spellcrafting

User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#15
I think acrobatics and athletics should be lumped together in a tree called mobility or something or other.

Then move things like rolls, flips, jump height percentage, stride and sprint speed percentage, and maybe some dodge abilities in there, the ability to climb onto a ledge that would be out of reach for a jump, or even a feature that'd allow you to straight up climb things like trees, and fort walls, have the mapping not allow this skill to be used on city walls and it'd be a pretty cool feature.

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#16
I want necromancy to be its own branch of magic with the ability to not just summon skeletons or resurrect corpses but the ability to tear a soul out of a person and morph that soul into a ghost/wraith while still giving me the option to resurrect the empty husk that was its body

I'd also want it to were upon the death of a resurrected corpse it would release a poisonous gas (Totally stole that idea from Diablo 2)

The ability to use soul gems as magical hand grenades would also be a nice little touch to the tree.
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User Info: elusive

4 years ago#17
I would love to see each race get a unique skill tree. It would hopefully add more variety between your different playthroughs and make RPing more interesting.
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User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#19
Unarmed. The paths of the tree could be various fighting styles (Brawler, Martial Artist, etc).

Survivalist. Various perks could allow you to craft traps, build a campsite, catch fish (with a rod, instead of noodling), track animals (or maybe just cause more to spawn), etc.

Polearms. Spears, halberds, fighting staves.
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User Info: IinventedPie

4 years ago#20
vamosalaplaya posted...

This is beautiful
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