The tale of Godras Aengot or "The RP where his fate is in YOUR hands"

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User Info: BlacknGold86

3 years ago#1
Hey everybody, thanks for coming.

As the title says, this is the tale of my wood elf, Godras Aengot. As the title ALSO says, the fate of my character is in YOUR hands. You see, Godras is an assassin. Rather than be boring, well... here:

Not only do you choose his targets, but every Friday i will make a poll. in this poll, there will be a few random choices (relating to whats going on in the story at that point in time) for you to choose from. Whichever choice has the highest votes after 24(ish) hours, that's what/where he'll do/go/whatever.

I'd prefer if you post any questions/comments/targets in the link above or in its twin on the Skyrim PS3 board, but i wont mind a couple posts here, as long as it doesn't become a problem.

Okay, I'm starting the file now, so... hope you enjoy :)

First segment in a couple hours or tomorrow night. Dunno.
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User Info: BlacknGold86

3 years ago#2
So there I was. Sitting in the back of a run-down carriage next to the bound and gagged Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm, which is apparently a large town, or "hold" in this gods forsaken expanse of emptiness they call Skyrim.

"Why are you there", you may ask.

To be executed, of course.

The guards order us out of the carriage in some sort of small keep, which seems to be completely surrounded by a large wall except for the gated opening in which we entered.

Into a single file line we go, as the captain of these guards verify who we are. I almost break my facade of a hopeless expression as the fool in front of me attempts to flee and is shot down. I hide my smile as I observe my exit options.


I look forward to see the captain asking my name. I see no reason to lie, let them hunt me when this is all over. I may enjoy her pursuit...

"Godras Aengot."

"You're a Wood Elf correct?"

That's Bosmer to you, scum. I'm intelligent enough to not speak.

"Yes ma'am."

She points me to a spot behind Stormcloak. I believe he died silently a few moments later, but I was too intent on the executioner who removed his head to recall such trivial details.

The message plays again in my mind:

Your target is one named Ma'kaza. Thought to reside at the lighthouse in Solitude, he claims to be a retired sailor, but while he did sail, it was under a pirate sail. He made the unfortunate mistake of raiding a ship belonging to our customer, killing most of his crew and one of his crewmen even took our customer's right leg. Miraculously they managed to wound Ma'kaza (evidently enough to force him into retirement), and we are now to finish the job. The crewman who took our customer's leg is now under the employ of the Empire as an executioner in the town of Helgen. He dies as a gift to our customer due to the large payment we recieved. If you prove your ability to fulfill your assignments in a strange land, your reward will be twofold. First, a spell tome that will well benefit your abilities as an archer. It lies in Fort Amol, in a lantern-topped bucket in the prison. Secondly, you will be awarded an eternal place in the Morag Tong. There are even rumors of a Dark Brotherhood chapter in Skyrim. They forced us into hiding, maybe well enough to not be noticed as we infiltrate Skyrim under their very noses. Gods speed to you Godras."

A strange noise comes from above as I'm forced to my knees in front of a chopping block. I feign terror as I slowly move my bound hands to the dagger (which the guards were not intelligent enough to find) I have hidden in the top of the simple pants they force me to wear.

Too easy. My plan was working without a hitch. After befriending Ulfric Stormcloak while he visited my native Morrowind, I left an unnamed note on the bed of an Imperial guard, telling him where to find Jarl Stormcloak. We were all captured, I received my free entry into Skyrim, and due to where we were captured I was eye to eye with one of my targets.

Just a little closer...

"By the Nine!" A voice calls out, and I momentarily think he saw my dagger before I intended, but then I see what the screams erupting around me are so fearful of.

Mephala help me, a dragon is landing on the roof behind my target. They were supposedly extinct, but- here is one before my very eyes. Despite all of my training, I find myself terrified.

The ground trembles and I'm knocked to the ground by the sheer force of his cry, as is everyone gathered in the large area.
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User Info: luigi4728

3 years ago#3
im no lore expert but im pretty sure that the dark elves are native to morrowind not the wood elves < click for real sig

User Info: turn_based

3 years ago#4
This isn't the first 'pick my story for me' type topic I've seen, but I have just started seeing them lately...

Where'd these folks come from allofasudden?

Meh, not my thing.

Oh, and yeah, any dude whose played an ES game knows the Bosmer are native to the Black Marsh AND Morrowind ever since the end of the Red Wars of the Wolf Queen.
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

3 years ago#5
luigi4728 posted...
im no lore expert but im pretty sure that the dark elves are native to morrowind not the wood elves


Though it isn't to far fetched for him to have been born there, but yeah Wood Elves are from Valenwood.
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User Info: BlacknGold86

3 years ago#6
luigi4728 posted...
im no lore expert but im pretty sure that the dark elves are native to morrowind not the wood elves

I was speaking of Vivec (Morag Tong HQ) not racial native...ness...

Anyway, yeah. More tonight as I was too tired last night.
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