is this game very buggy or is my xbox dieing?

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  3. is this game very buggy or is my xbox dieing?

User Info: wanderz

3 years ago#1
ok, my followers getting lost i can deal with... the pause when it autosaves 10 seconds after i start the game, rather dumb, but i can deal with it.

but seriously, my xbox so far completely froze 5 times in less then 24 actual hours, of which i probably only played about 8 hours.

i have the legendary edition with the addons installed, my hard drive is down to 4 gigs, can't install the other disc. it should be the most recent patch since the legendary edition just recently came out.

it is an old fat 360.. but i haven't had problems like this with any other game.

i'm considering clearing my cache and maybe deleting a couple things off the internal memory, but not sure if that will make any difference, and i remember doing that once way back when i got the 360 and evidently clearing the cache removed an update i needed for forza.

any ideas?
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: SuperFlik

3 years ago#2
For starters, go into the settings and turn off the options to auto-save on travel, wait and sleep, then set the auto-save on menu to whatever time you desire.

Next, delete all but your three most recent hard saves. This should help with the freezing issues and shorten up load times as well.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

3 years ago#3
The game does crash more often these days for a lot of us.
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User Info: LordTrinen

3 years ago#4
My game was freezing a lot a couple weeks ago. When that happens I find that deleting the game from the hard drive and reinstalling it helps a lot. Hasn't frozen once since I last did it.

User Info: Nepharen

3 years ago#5
Reducing the number of items carried seems to help as well. Arrows, keys, and lockpicks are usually the ones that are carried in a gross abundance which can slow the game some.

User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#6
As far as I can tell, installing the main disc does nothing. I played for a couple weeks with no install, finally got sick of the load times and installed it and noticed no difference at all. Crashes and other bugs were the same before and after as well.

User Info: DrNewcenstein

3 years ago#7
If your HDD is "down to 4 Gigs", I'm assuming it's a 250GB drive. Dump your downloaded movies/videos/demos, as well as whatever other games you've got on it (you bought them once, you can redownload them any time).

Clearing the cache will help, even if it means "losing" patches for other games (which can be re-acquired by playing that game - unless you want only the specific one your'e on now simply because the later patch removes some exploit you're enjoying).

Move as much stuff as you can to external storage.
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User Info: wanderz

3 years ago#8
actually, it's only a 120 gig.. and has no movies on it... i play a lot of different games, some of which had large amounts of downloaded content over the years, with my current craptastic internet i don't want to lose those for fear that i won't be able to download them again.

i did clear my cache, both for the internal memory and the harddrive.

the odd thing is i swear when i first started playing the game, which was last week, it never downloaded an update, but after i cleared the cache it told me it had an update for skyrim when i started it... maybe it did the first time and i somehow clicked download and don't remember but i remember being surprised there was no update. (maybe my internet was down then.. and it updated another day and i didn't notice)

i also deleted my other saves, including my other character. also put most of my keys and extra junk in my house.. maybe i'll stash half of my arrows (i have over 500 arrows on me, that's a big quiver)

it does seem better so far, altho it almost seems like it loads slower which is odd. but i only played for a couple hours after doing that. stupid real life getting in my way of playing games.

thanks for all the tips. about to try again for a couple hours.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: Nepharen

3 years ago#9
Clearing the system cache removes the games updates. So when you start up skyrim again you will be prompted to download those. The legendary edition would have already had the 1.9 update so you would have never of needed to install it initially.

Clearing the game cache when starting up skyrim does not remove the updates and should be done regularly for better performance. (Hold LB, RB, and X when starting the game. When you see press start, you can release the buttons)

User Info: IamI3rian

3 years ago#10
Putting your hoard in your house will only prolong the inevitable. Hide it in a body (which will de-spawn) and thus, clear info from the drive.

There's really no other way, short of getting a new system.

You aren't gonna use most of that garbage anyway.

Also, listen to Neph.
Remember: IamI3rian told ya
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  3. is this game very buggy or is my xbox dieing?

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