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User Info: KevO44

4 years ago#11
"Why should M'aiq make his own spells when their are so many available?"

No spell making :(

User Info: gyrobot

4 years ago#12
Maiq used to be not strong but very nimble, now he can be both.

Making Stamina detirmine carry weight and removal of attributes.
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User Info: dragnslayer573

4 years ago#13
M'aiq said-WHERES THE BLACKSMITH-refering to markipler

User Info: mixedlion

4 years ago#14
"They do not let M'aiq's people into the cities of Skyrim. Perhaps that is why they do not fight with their bare hands well"- reference to lack of Unarmed skill tree

"The people of Skyrim claim they are open minded about certain things. But then they treat M'aiq's people and the Argonians like scum. Perhaps that is why there isn't many"- reference to lack of Khajiit and Argonian followers

"The people of Skyrim are open minded about many things. The people of Summerset Isles are not"- reference to no male Altmer marriage options and no Altmer followers

"The people of Skyrim are open minded about many things. The rest of Tamriel has yet to follow. Especially Cyrodiil"- a reference to Notes on Racial Phrenology and apparent lack of half-races in Tamriel

"M'aiq is glad to be rid of dragons. They remind him of their distant cousins, the cliff racers"- reference to how annoying dragon encounters are in Skyrim as are the cliff racers in Morrowind

"M'aiq does not know weakness. Thus, M'aiq has no fears"- reference to no racial disadvantages or stats in Skyrim

"M'aiq is a solo thief. He does not need the company of uncouth brutes or rude folk. He simply wishes he can destroy them"- reference to Skyrim's Thieves Guild

"M'aiq's forefathers have urged there to be no children in our future. Those who wished for them can see why Alduin came"- reference to Skyrim's bratty little children
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User Info: Torinarg

4 years ago#15
Skyrim may no longer be home to many butterflies but M'aiq knows it it is home to very many bugs.

User Info: Lostout

3 years ago#16
"M'aiq has heard there are ones who build great things for free. This is not true, who would do this? They don't do this anymore" - reference to Beth hiring some of the most talented modders.

"M'aiq has heard that people used to think that relearning the same knowledge forever would make them wiser" -reference to legendarying skills to level up.

"M'aiq thinks it is hard to write a song but luckily others do not find it so difficult" - reference to an awesome competition Beth should hold where amateur singers get their songs put in game sung by bards so we don't hear the same 3 songs all the time.

"If you would like M'aiq to move, you need only ask." New mechanic to gently push NPC's out your way AC style.

"Of course M'aiq will follow you, lead the way" - too awesome to ever happen.
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