Skyrim vs oblivion??

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User Info: Darg727

3 years ago#21
turn_based posted...
Oblivion had a better Thieve's Guild, "Capital!!!" and a better Dark Brotherhood that did the post aspect of being the Listener more complete, (Listeners dont do common hits Skyrim!)

But caves? Suck Minotaur junk bigtime! Booooring and thrown together blandness.

Cities were excellent with Cheydinhal and Anvil shining above the rest.

Music? Not my thing, I find Skyrim's perfect.

On the DB comment, the DB NEEDS to rebuild itself again. There are not enough recruits to only send the newbies. Every one needs to do their part to make them grow again.

User Info: Zero_Maniac

3 years ago#22
Spiral_Out_-_ posted...
I may just be having a blast because i haven't played it in a while, but there's definitely no denying these caves and quests are better :D if only I could get the skyblivion mod for my ps3 :/ won't be ready for another couple years but seems amazing.

If you don't know what skyblivion is, look it up on youtube. Modders are basically making an entire oblivion add on to skyrim, I believe skywind is in the bug testing stage and will be out within the year

1. Console modding is illegal.

2. Skywind is nowhere NEAR the bug testing stage. Landscape is still being made, navmeshes are still being done, modelers are still hard at work, not all the NPCs are done (incomplete VA and overall configuration even in the latest dev release), and there's more I'm probably forgetting.

We'll probably get a BETA release near the end of this year.
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User Info: Travalanche

3 years ago#23
I'd like to put my 2 cents in, I put hundreds of hours in each and I have a hard time deciding. I remember back in 2006 when I was still in High School and I bought Oblivion thinking it was the most amazing thing ever and believing that the graphics looked like real life (honestly, Oblivion would look great on the Xbox 360 if only the draw distance were doubled). Hell, I probably put 50+ hours into The Shivering Isles alone.

Then fast forward some years and I get Skyrim, I wasn't impressed and felt like too much was removed from the game, the graphics looked good and the dragon fights were excellent but the game is just too streamlined, the only thing I liked besides the dragon battles and improved visuals were the addition of shouts as they added a new element to the game.

I think the addition of crafting/enchanting is to blame for me not enjoying Skyrim as much, once I learned about blacksmithing potions I no longer cared about finding better gear in dungeons or from quests as I knew I could craft something far better.

This sort of ruined dungeon delving for me.

I think Oblivion wins it for me if you compare them in their stock formats.

User Info: Justin2Krelian

3 years ago#24
The 5 big Skyrim cities were generally better than Oblivion's. It's too bad that four of Skyrim's cities were so much smaller.

User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#25


Metal Gear Fred posted...
I find Skyrim much more fun to play, but Oblivion has a certain charm that is completely lacking in Skyrim.

I think oblivion was way ahead of the game. today, everything can look like skyrim. so its not that different looking. charm, thats a good word for it. I also love the spell creation system. You could spend hours making stuff and testing them out.
Thank you.
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