Breton Spellsword or Battlemage Build

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User Info: philllosophy

3 years ago#1
The Perks I want to incorporate into my build include:
-Alteration (is Armor or Dragonflesh more effective? I'll use Robes, Light Armor, or Heavy Armor as suggested. Which do you recommend?)
-Light or Heavy Armor (only if not using Robes)
Basically, all I am asking is if Robes, Light Armor or Heavy Armor, in terms of effectiveness and appearance, what looks more BA and what is most useful. Suggestions? Thanks!

User Info: mortalis2001

3 years ago#2
Well, if you're taking up smithing it would be a waste not to use an armor of some kind. Personally I prefer heavy armor mages, but that's me. Although the heavier the armor, the less dependence you'll have on alteration.

User Info: DrNick2008

3 years ago#3
I am no Skyrim expert... actually, I'm a noob. My battlemage is only lvl 15. Recently, I posted a similar query...

I've also been using these 2 builds for advice...

I thought I wanted heavy armor also, but with a bit of playing (and looking at pics on the wikis), I decided I don't like any of the heavy armors... and they'd require some perks I'd rather spend elsewhere to get them smithed. I'm thinking about either light armor, or going with only "mage armor" and using Alteration spells and enchanting perks to buff me up.

Just start playing and picking out some spells. See what you like. There's no need to absolutely send your perks as soon as you earn them. Try out different spells and check out some armors and weapons. You'll get a feel soon enough.
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User Info: mandalore2385

3 years ago#4
You can always go robes + armored boots/gauntlets for a sort of Vigilant look. For headgear, either a matching hood, or the Heavy Dawnguard helm look awesome.
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