What people don't understand about vampire lords. -*SPOILERS*-

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  3. What people don't understand about vampire lords. -*SPOILERS*-

User Info: WerepireLord

3 years ago#1
Ok, i have seen a poll about a volkihar vs dawnguard. The majority picked dawnguard for the story. But they oversee the fact that the volkihar might have no obvious interesting things about their storyline, the dawnguard have so called interesting things, which are made obvious by bethesda. But really, dawnguard are ancient vampire hunters that got disbanded when the emperor called useless on the dawnguard. Volkihar however, are literally among the oldest most powerful vampires, AND they are pure blood. Obviously, bethesda can't let harkon use his real power or else even the best skyrim player wouldn't be able to defeat harkon in novice difficulty. And vampire lords are a dying race, only valerica, serana, harkon and the dragonborn are the only vampire lords. The other vampires are just for display. What bethesda cannot do, is make volkihar use their real power or the sun would get bent and f***ed over. Dawnguard are not even a shadow of their former selves, so just in case you're wondering, the reason volkihar are weak is because bethesda want the player to be the winner. Dawnguard are also pretty weak. If you have a pc then spawn harkon and that dawnguard leader then harkon will throw the dawnguard guy inside the van. (if you know what i mean)
Lore wise, the same would happen.
But if you want the better, obvious story then dawnguard is for you.
If you are a lore guy, or someone who actually understands who is smarter and stronger then the volkihar is for you. Am i the only one here who actually sees that?

User Info: Xbxluver

3 years ago#2
Lol the only point is that the world gain/loss a vampirelord nomatter which side you pick, & her mother returns afterward to rebuilt the castle anyways to her liking.

The only 3 things that are unique is the rings/amulet/blood cup, where you miss so much more from dawnguard.

Possibly if you cure yourself & your follower then only one remains but thats entirely optional.

User Info: michealwhylee

3 years ago#3
But if the all mighty Dragonborn is with the dawn guard, wouldn't he be able to beat the vamps single handedly pretty much just like the main story?
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User Info: zerobobo

3 years ago#4
Uh, what?
This is why i hate vampires in pretty much everything. Everytime they are "overpowered". Stupid mary sue crap.
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User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#5
I need to learn how to read. All this time in my head I've been saying Volhikar.
I said runt.

User Info: Kyo3333

3 years ago#6
zerobobo posted...
Uh, what?
This is why i hate vampires in pretty much everything. Everytime they are "overpowered". Stupid mary sue crap.


Although I'd argue you "miss" more by siding with the Dawnguard. Wow, some steel weapons that do sun damage I can out-enchant at level 50. Wow, crossbows that fire slower than my regular bow and "ignore armor" (all 2 points of it most enemies seem to have), wow, some sun spells that are weaker than regular fire magic... everything from them just sucks.
Meanwhile the Vampires give you cool unique rings that are actually useful, blood potions, and some cool merchants.
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User Info: Xbxluver

3 years ago#7
If your going for a Vampire Build then you want to be that overpowered badess, its just I'm already a Super Vampire so a few vampire eqs aren't going to make any difference in my current build if they offered something so OP that I could't resist then maybe, but its more based on your roleplay character type I'm playing a herotype & it would be to out of character to join them.

Lore wise normally those driven mad by power meet a grim fate, by the hands of those who are true of spirit/or those more wicked.

User Info: Ramza1

3 years ago#8
zerobobo posted...
Uh, what?
This is why i hate vampires in pretty much everything. Everytime they are "overpowered". Stupid mary sue crap.

Ah, don't dismiss the entirety of vampires in fiction. I thought Joss Wheden's Buffyverse vampires were very reasonable, as was vampirism in previous ES games. It's not all Twilight and True Blood out there.
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User Info: magstormcammy

3 years ago#9
The vampires are way better story wise and ability wise

The entire vampire clan is like one gigantic deadric mission. You get to hover above the ground and you get a whole new type of playstyle when you are in your human form too. Plus you can be a werewolf in vanilla skyrim. The lore is better and all the different minor elements are better.

But if you only cared about stats, being a vampire and having the nercromerge perk is god-like

User Info: I_Dont_Agree

3 years ago#10
Bethesda should have hit home that fact that Harkon sacrificed 1,000 virgins to appease the King of Rape, then let Molag Bal have a go at his wife and daughter like it was no big deal, and now now wants to destroy the world so he can quench his thirst for innocent blood.

Or they should have made the transformation into a blood-guzzling monster permanent.

Or... something to make the Lord form feel less like a cheap gimmick designed to make vampires ''cooler''.

Also, the vampires are not nearly as powerful and infallible as people want to believe. If they were, the Dawnguard (or any other vampire hunter group) would be destroyed before they became a threat. Even Valerica admits that vampires would go extinct if the sun was blocked, because people would band together and kill them all.
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