Who is my "friend"...

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User Info: DrNick2008

2 years ago#1
...that sends me letters with the locations for word walls?

Do we ever find out who this busy-body is?
Teach me the ways of the secular flesh.
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User Info: jammymacster

2 years ago#2
Nope, never. There's no mention of him aside from the letters.

A lot of the places were you "caused a stir" can be quite odd too. I once had the letter mentioning The Mind of a Madman location which is where you go during Sheogorath's quest. (You can't normally use shouts there but with the Kinect you can)

User Info: Eric_Cart_Man

2 years ago#3
I think it's Delphine. She's a Blade, so she would be anxious for the return of the Dovahkiin, and she sends you a letter signed "a friend" in the main quest, too. No idea how she finds out how you shouted in these locations, though.
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User Info: RedWarlord

2 years ago#4
I wondered that too, but then i figured it out becuase he gave himself away. See, i was on top of the throat of the world, with only me and that dragon, i forgot his name,
but anyway i went to white run, and i got one of those letters saying "your shout caused a bit of a stir on The Throat fo the World" and I'm like "OMG the dragon is my friend!"and it makese sense, cuz he can see everywhere from up there!
Naturally when Delphine asked me... to do that thing, i said F-U Delphine! That's my buddy who sends me letters!

User Info: BigPapiChad

2 years ago#5
I once got a letter saying I caused a stir in the Dark Brotherhood Falkreath Sanctuary. It's strange because I killed everyone inside.

User Info: DrNick2008

2 years ago#6
I have a theory that my "friend" is the carriage driver. He was the only one present in a few of the locations where I shouted.

The carriage driver! It makes so much sense. He is the true puppet-master of all political, military, and supernatural events in Skyrim.
Teach me the ways of the secular flesh.
GT: Dr Nick 1971

User Info: Deadly_Archers

2 years ago#7
Im pretty sure the chicken in riverwood was my "friend" as he was the only one to witness my shout.
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User Info: Veezara

2 years ago#8
I thought it was your old friend Mr McGreg.

User Info: Spybreak001

2 years ago#9
With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?
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User Info: Veezara

2 years ago#10
Spybreak001 posted...
With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?

That's the one.

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