Stealth/2H Build

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User Info: Vypernight

3 weeks ago#1
After my NPC build didn't work out the way I wanted (I'm going to wait a year or so until I get an XOne), I read about another build I wanted to try. This one is rather unorthodox, and possibly insane, but I want to try it anyway. The idea is building a character around 2H weapons and Stealth.

My goal with the character is the following:
-Create the character at a low level (below lvl 30).
-Cause as much dmg as possible on first strike.
-If opponent is not killed on first strike, my character needs to survive long enough to perform second strike.
-No Dragons (I'm taking a break from random dragons) so no shouts.
-No staves (just finished a staff character run and I want something different.
-No Conjuration (my last 3 or 4 characters all used the skill)
-No skill grinding past 50 (I'm also taking a break from that).

Now, i'm pretty sure none of the back stab bonuses work for 2H weapons (I thought I read where dagger or 1H bonuses work for Great Swords, but I can't find that info again to confirm it), but the sneak roll and muffled armor will be useful. I'll also raise Block enough for Bash to stun opponents who survive first attack or who get the drop on me.

I'm still debating between Light and Heavy armor.

I'm thinking of raising Destruction just enough to Dual Cast Lightning Bolt with Impact. The sole reason is to stun opponents at range until I close the distance or slip into cover. The only problem is switching from spell to 2H weapon might waste valuable time.

These are just some ideas. any thoughts or suggestions?

User Info: Guide

3 weeks ago#2
Something you could potentially justify with the Ebony Mail.
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User Info: mandalore2385

3 weeks ago#3
I've been playing an unmodded run on the One(weird, right? I ain't even an achievement junkie) and using two-handers for the first time since it released in 2011. From what I can tell you should have no trouble. My attacks hit harder than I would have thought possible even with the higher base damage. This is with no stealth and I'm using an Ancient Nord Greatsword even though I have access to dwarven, elven, and orcish.

P.S. I would seriously grap the Ebony blade and fully upgrade it as soon as you hit level 20. The fast swing speed coupled with an inexhaustible absorb health enchantment will make you nearly indestructible.
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User Info: Vypernight

3 weeks ago#4
What do you mean fully upgrade it? I'd also like to avoid grinding smithing and enchanting as I've done both way too much in previous games.

User Info: DuneMan

3 weeks ago#5
Vypernight posted...
What do you mean fully upgrade it?

The Ebony Blade's Absorb Health effect can power up from slaughtering friendly NPCs, going up to 30 points total. You can also slaughter one friendly NPC repeatedly by rezzing them with a Staff(it leaves the body intact).
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User Info: Vypernight

3 weeks ago#6
Cool, I might make an exception to my no staff rule for that. Thanks for the info. Too bad I need to be lvl 20 to get the sword. I’ll need to find something else to work with until then.

User Info: Dethuli

3 weeks ago#7
Vypernight posted...
Cool, I might make an exception to my no staff rule for that. Thanks for the info. Too bad I need to be lvl 20 to get the sword. I’ll need to find something else to work with until then.

Long Hammer. It's a unique orcish great hammer with the swing speed of a greatsword.
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User Info: Vypernight

2 weeks ago#8

Got to level 13 last night though I still need to get 2H from 45 to 50 to get Great Critical Charge. I love the sneak roll into power attack, and although I can’t confirm it, it seems to cause more damage. I’d still like to raise Destruction, but for that, I think I’ll just sell a bunch of stuff to the woman in the Solitude castle and then pay her to train me. I just need to get it to 40 for Impact.

User Info: Olld-Onne

2 weeks ago#9
I believe the ebony blade is available at level 30 not 20. Could be wrong.
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User Info: mandalore2385

2 weeks ago#10

You're thinking of the Ebony Mail. Boethiah's quest starts at lv.30. Malphala's is available at lv.20. :-)

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