Red eagle's sword glitch

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User Info: jdnewell

6 years ago#1
During the quest you eventually enter a cave that has a pedestal for you to place the sword into to unlock a cave you then effectivley finish the quest and all you have to do is go forward and kill red eagle to collect your stronger enchanted sword.

Well in this cave is an adventurer's dead body and next to his body is a copy of the red eagle book that prompts the quest originally. If you leave him alone the first time you enter and you complete the quest including killing red eagle, you can force a glitch that allows you to repeat the quest and collect weapons that you can sell for a lot of money once your in the higher levels.

Once you finsh killing red eagle exit the cave and recollect the original red eagles sword. The cave behind you will shut. Now look at the book the adventures body had next to him, BUT DO NOT TAKE IT. Once you exit the book WITHOUT TAKING IT you will restart the quest and will be prompted to return to the body that had the original red eagle sword. but the body will also contain other swords and gear.

Your eventually get sent back to the cave with the pedestal but you no longer have to kill red eagle just place the sword wacth the quest finish collect the new red eagle sword and go back to the adventurers body and REREAD THE COPY OF THE BOOK BUT DON"T TAKE IT and you rinse and repeat.

At level 23 i'm collecting ebony weapons from the body and I'm selling them for 300-400 a pop.
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User Info: lpflames68

6 years ago#2
awesome find man.
Good timing in my game too, as im just now getting the juicy loot.

User Info: lpflames68

6 years ago#3
submit cheat?
refine your text a bit though.

User Info: ShuyinVsTidus

6 years ago#4
This glitch also worked when I stored the book on a self in my characters house and then read it. I had already finished the quest.
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