Best build for an Archer Wood Elf?

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  3. Best build for an Archer Wood Elf?

User Info: Dkmariolink3

5 years ago#1

Im getting this game Christmas, along with a ps3. Im wondering, what is the best build for a archer Wood elf? I know the game wants you to be whatever, but i need some guidance. Like what magic should i use, or backup weapons (Don't want to be ONLY an bow and arrow user) So, any advice?

User Info: zombiehunting84

5 years ago#2
Well, like you said, its what YOU want to do. No one can tell you a build for what you want to build. What do you want to use? Better yet why are you asking more than a month before you get it?
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User Info: dlhlew

5 years ago#3
Just play around with whatever sounds fun. If you don't like where you are going, just start doing something else. If you are really worried about min/maxing you could always save your perks until you know for sure where you want to put them.

User Info: zijin_cheng

5 years ago#4
Right now, I'm going archer/mage combo, i'm a level 20 archer with 4/5 of the first perk in the archer perk tree and I have the 3x bow damage from sneak.

I'm also a destruction mage with a little restoration so I don't die, but after reading from other people, invest in conjuration because you can summon a bow that is powerful and comes with 100 arrows and then you can summon guys to tank damage while you calmly pick people off with awesome archery

User Info: RevLoki13

5 years ago#5
Conjuration as your back up. Summon your weapons (which are great and levelled), summon your tanks. Dremora Lords are awesome at aggro and beasts in melee combat to boot, while Storm Atronachs are fantastic at ranged combat. Are you stealth or warrior-based? If stealth, back up is a dagger (sneak bow attacks won't generally one hit kill, while sneak dagger attacks will), plus the dark brotherhood armor set goes well with the skills you'd want to work on. If warrior, light armor and sword/shield combo as your back up.
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  3. Best build for an Archer Wood Elf?

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