The gray cowl of Nocturnal...

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User Info: sonofsithis

5 years ago#1
One of the loading screens appears to show a bust of the gray fox. Can anyone confirm whether or not the cowl of nocturnal is in skyrim?
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User Info: Nepherael

5 years ago#2
That would rock. I've been fiending for a detect life piece of equip. I can't even find the spell.
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User Info: Mitzkrieg

5 years ago#3
Haven't seen or heard of it being around, so unlikely. The bust itself however, IS in
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User Info: los_lololos

5 years ago#4
That would be great. I can confirm that you DONT get it after finishing the main quest line in the Thieves Guild. However, there are many more side-quests for the guild that I haven't completed. Maybe after that we get the cowl? I sure hope so.
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User Info: Tevren

5 years ago#5
Pretty sure the Cowl is NOT in game. As was said, the Bust is stealable, and looks awesome. There's always hope for DLC though, Daedric DLC is noting new in ES games.
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User Info: sonofsithis

5 years ago#6
I would love to see it in skyrim. In my opinion, it was hands down the best item in Oblivion.
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User Info: smajere

5 years ago#7
** Spoiler Alert **

I have not found a cowl of the Gray Fox, but there are some pretty wicked masks you can find in the game -- There are dragonpriests, or rather liches of ancient dragonpriests, that can be found throughout Skyrim's dungeons (and a few outdoors near words for the Shouts). There's even a loading screen that features a dias with all 9 masks next to one another. I've collected 2 so far!

User Info: Elyon

5 years ago#8
The bust you're talking about is actually an item in-game. You can collect it during the Quest "The Pursuit."
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