Dragon Soul not absorbing?

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User Info: Joecool2222

5 years ago#1

Hey a few times now I've killed a dragon and his soul won't come out.  Each time this happens I reset from an older save just in case, so it hasn't happened consecutively but it does seem to happen on the same dragons.  For example I killed the dragon near Azura's shrine but I didn't get his soul so I reset and just went somewhere else.  Later I went to Azura's shrine and after killing him, same thing.  Am I not supposed to get his soul?  This also happened to another dragon yesterday but I forget the name of the location (it was on top of a mountain and there was a dragon shout there).  Is this a glitch or am I not supposed to get certain dragon souls?

User Info: GodsHamster

5 years ago#2
Did you walk up to the corpse? You don't absorb it if you are too far away.
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User Info: Joecool2222

5 years ago#3

Yeah I've taken everything the Dragon had, even hit it a few times, nothing seems to work.

User Info: XDevilbunny

5 years ago#4
actually happened to me once. killed a dragon, didn't get its soul. it just laid there dead.
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User Info: TheFlem

5 years ago#5
I've had this happen where I killed the Dragon at Azura's shrine before getting the bounty quest, absorbed his soul just fine.. went and turned in the Bounty quest I didn't yet have (auto complete basically), then picked up the bounty quest again.. so I went back to the location, killed another dragon, and when he died I didn't get to absorb his soul. He didn't even start disintegrating, just like a normal body.

I think it happens when you kill a zone-specific dragon, where theres only supposed to ever be 1 dragon at that point, and then for some reason go back and kill that same dragon.. I don't exactly know if this is correct, but it's what I gathered.

User Info: kel25

5 years ago#6
I noticed that I couldn't absorb the Dragon's Soul's if I had already killed the dragon in an area that I learn a shout. Otherwise I had no problem with souls.

User Info: ctu14

5 years ago#7
I think this guy has the answer

User Info: gothspore

5 years ago#8
I guess you're not 'dovakhiin' after all.

Better luck next time.

User Info: Joecool2222

5 years ago#9

Ahhh yeah that makes sense, thanks guys!

User Info: Joecool2222

5 years ago#10

Ahhh yeah that makes sense, thanks guys!

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