Do main characters respawn?

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  3. Do main characters respawn?

User Info: weapon1234

5 years ago#1
So this dragon came out attacking, then it killed this one guy who appears to be someone important(don't remember his name), and I'm thinking maybe this guy is part of some quest that I can no longer complete because the dragon killed him. So... will he respawn because I would hate to miss out on any quest, and I'm just trying to complete every quest possible in the game because that's how I intend to play the game.

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User Info: cornishpete

5 years ago#2
hes dead jim.
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User Info: Doktoroktopus

5 years ago#3
If s/he can die, they're not majorly relevant. Dunno' about smaller quests, admittedly.
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User Info: Xylarxcode

5 years ago#4
If he's dead, then he won't be coming back ever. Only way to get him back is load a previous save.
There are NPC's that can't die no matter what happens to them though. They're usually faction leaders or crucial to a key quest line, so they can't die as long as that quest isn't done yet. Maybe not even after, but I'm not sure about that.
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  3. Do main characters respawn?

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