Fastest Way to Level Up Alchemy?

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User Info: Sasuke7892

5 years ago#1
I am trying to level up my alchemy and it is taking a really long time. I just made it into the 40s but I am curious if there are faster methods to level up. What is the fastest way to level up alchemy?

P.S. this isnt for the glitch. I dont understand it but I want to play the game legitimately.
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User Info: Mountaintop884

5 years ago#2
Keep making potions then. The more money they r worth the more exp u get.

User Info: DigiOps944

5 years ago#3
There's a nice ingredient guide on here. Slow and invisibility potions give me the most experience.
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User Info: joe_danger

5 years ago#4
1) Make sure you have the Thief Stone activated

2) Get Well Rested bonus if not a wearwolf

3) Experience is tied to the value of the potion. Some valuable combos are:

Giant's Toe + Wheat

Dwarven Oil + Taproot

Creep Cluster + Large Antlers + River Better

Giant Toe+ Large Antlers + River Better

Chaurus Egg + Garlic + Luma Moth WIngs

(Multi effect potions are worth more than single effect, even if those effects cancel out.)

User Info: EggRow

5 years ago#5
I've noticed that creating any potion involving a Giant's Toe raises my bar considerably.
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User Info: LB3

5 years ago#6
Gaint's toe has a huge effect on the price of some potions.

A good one I found is Gaint's Toe, Hanging moss and Bear's Claw.
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User Info: TaoTeMugen

5 years ago#7
As far as I remember, individual ingredients affect the end price of the potion. And yes, make sure you are well rested and have the proper stone activated for as much of a bonus as you can get. You'll be making a *lot* more potions, otherwise.

User Info: Ahlyis

5 years ago#8
That's all good advice, but the fastest way I've found to level up Alchemy is to use the trainers!

There's a good one in Whiterun, right near Breezehome. Level up 5 times with her, go make new potions in the same shop, then sell them to her to recover the money you spent leveling. When you go up a level, go back to her and do the same thing again.

She has no quest or other requirements before you can train with her and I think she's capable of training you all the way to level 75.
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User Info: lwjff

5 years ago#9
thief stone
well rested

if your enchanting is high, enchant the 4 pieces that take fortify alchemy (5 if you have a falmer helmet and circlet) makes the potion stronger, which makes it more expensive and levels it up faster.

Regenerate (health,magicka,stamina)

^^ Usually the most expensive types of potions/poisons to make.

That restoration loop exploit can raise it real fast if you're going the exploit route. Make sure the loop isn't too strong though. I made it too strong one time and I made a creep cluster, large antlers, river betty potion and my alchemy went from 51 to 100 just making one potion.

User Info: Feanor23

5 years ago#10
Try to make multi-effect potions, using 3 ingredients instead of 2. As people have said, exp is tied to value of the potion, more effects = more value = more exp. Good base to start with is Invisbile, Slow, or Paralyze. Regenerate Stamina/Magicka are also pretty good.

Travel between 2-3 cities buying out all the alchemy ingredients, do this like a dozen times before starting so you can sit down and grind out a bunch of levels in one sitting.


Go to the underground dwarven city, whatever it's called, and harvest a ton of crimson nirnroot, it is one of the ingredients for invisibility potion so it is a good base ingredient for high exp.
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