Max Armor and Weapon Damage Caps

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User Info: nyse_80s

5 years ago#1


Does anyone know the max armor and weapon damage caps?

I have read that the max armor is 567. I can't find anything on the weapon damage tho.

Also, when smithing and enchanting my deadric weapons, would it best best to smith to legendary befor or after enachanting?



User Info: gothicanime

5 years ago#2
I dont know the exact numbers....and are you asking about the legit armor cap or the glitching way?

Anyways you can see link to get you started in calculating armor caps:
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User Info: nyse_80s

5 years ago#3

The legit cap.

User Info: IHeartJessAlba

5 years ago#4
When it comes to enchanting, it basically depends on your smithing perks. If you have the perk that allows you to upgrade enchanted gear, then do it however you want. If you don't have it, then smith first, and enchant after.

Essentially, enchanting before smithing, and vice versa, don't effect the outcome in the slightest. Just be forewarned that you need a perk in smithing to upgrade enchanted gear.
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User Info: locke72

5 years ago#5
Armor cap is 567 this is a soft cap meaning that your armor may go over 567 but you get no benefits from having an armor rating over 567. I haven't seen the numbers on damage cap.
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User Info: SteveBob

5 years ago#6
Weapons can be infinitely strong. Dunno if there is an actual cap but you can easily make them strong enough to 1 hit Ancient Dragons on Master etc.

Almost 10 billion damage Dawnbreaker (without wearing any fortify gear):

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User Info: ketchashum

5 years ago#7
There is no such thing as legit cap or glitch cap. It's 80% mitigation regardless of how you reach that figure, which is 567 AR.
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