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User Info: Cherudim00

6 years ago#1
Well, I was on my way to meet with the greybeards, and I came across a dog on the road next to a dead wolf. It started following me, and I could give orders to it like it was a companion. A little further down the road, at Helgen, and ran into a few bandits. The dog's health was half from the fight with the wolf earlier, but it DESTROYED the bandits really easily.

Later, I was almost to my destination, right outside Ivarstead, and suddenly a dragon attacked. (!!!)
It killed me after a brief sequence of me running like a coward. The last thing I saw was that dog, directly in the center of the dragon's fire breath.

He didn't seem to be taking damage, and was fighting the dragon despite the fact that it just went two battles with no healing.

So my question is: Why did the dragon ignore Ivarstead and go straight after me???

User Info: codyc61

6 years ago#2
That dogs master is a daedric lord, you need to go to the major town south of Riverfell and talk to the blacksmith to get the quest
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User Info: Shogun_Master

6 years ago#3
codyc61 posted...
That dogs master is a daedric lord, you need to go to the major town south of Riverfell and talk to the blacksmith to get the quest

That's Barbaras. He's talking about the Stray Dog Companion. Coincidentally I just got Barbaras a few hours ago and while on that quest, found Stray Dog. Now I ave 2 dogs following me although I'm not sure if Barbaras actually fights.
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User Info: seksii_GUrL_xox

6 years ago#4
Does the dog come along with you aswell as your companion, or can you only have one companion at a time? (including the dog)

User Info: Draken70

6 years ago#5
Yes, you can have both following you at the same time. I have Lydia as my companion alongside the stay dog.

User Info: Buchichu

6 years ago#6
I found the stray dog...then he died. I hope I get another one :(
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User Info: Beck225

6 years ago#7
I was fighting a cave bear, it was thumping me, then I saw a "wolf" start attacking the Bear and it killed the bear, since it was low on health I thought I would just finish it off, so I started shooting it, then I realized it said "stray dog" as the name and it kept attacking me, I couldn't stop it, so I eventually killed it and I got an animation as if I were absorbing a blue soul from it's body. I checked my status but nothing showed up, does anyone know what that means?

I didn't want to end up screwing myself, so I loaded a save, lol, anyone care to shed some light?
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User Info: pshawver

6 years ago#8
my first death was from a stray dog...

my archer had just killed 3 bandits then i trid sneak attacking the dog and he kept intterupting my bow shots lol
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User Info: ChaseSceneMusic

6 years ago#9
You can buy a dog from the dude right outside Markarth.

I bought him and he dieded :'(

User Info: maclaren11

6 years ago#10
i had lydia who died in first encounter with bounty hunters. then a dog from some town that also died then i found meeko who has now also died. i now steer clear of any friendly animals all together
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