left side of screen cutoff in ui?

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  3. left side of screen cutoff in ui?

User Info: Lodor

6 years ago#1
Is the left side of the screen somewhat cutoff for anyone else playing the ps3 version?

For me it is most notable when you have the item menu opened and the first couple of letters of each option is off screen to the left.

I dont have this issue with any other game on my widescreen hd tv either, and of course i do not see any way to adjust the screen ingame either.

User Info: Craig_Goulart

6 years ago#2
Are you playing on an SDTV. It did that when I was playing at my mothers house.

However I don't have this problem when I play this on my HDTV at home.
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User Info: Joolsy

6 years ago#3
Yeah. Like a few millimeters.

It makes no difference in game whatsoever but it cuts off a tiny bit of the writing that appears while doing the character creation.

I tried all sorts of Aspect Ratio changes to no avail.

Funnily enough; the only other game I ever had this issue with was Oblivion. No idea at all what causes it.

Mine is a Full HD wide-screen TV.
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User Info: Alchemist94

6 years ago#4
I had that problem too :/ I just opened up service mode and messed around with the width of the picture, so now I can see all the words on the character menu but area names at the top right and item notifications at the top left are still cut off :/

User Info: Lodor

6 years ago#5
The game seems to be forcing my tv to run the game in 480p for some reason.

And looking at the game manual screenshots the game is cutting off a good chunk of the left side of the screen.

Others having the issue are you forced to run the game in 480p also?

User Info: blacksniper

6 years ago#6
The issue I'm having is my TV is 4:3 and the game displays in 16:9. Still playable, but this needs patched or we need the ability to actually adjust the picture in game as we see fit like most games allow.
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  3. left side of screen cutoff in ui?

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