Contract taken out on me for stealing?

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User Info: femiwhat

6 years ago#1
Yes, yes, I'm a terrible person. A thief. A burglar. I burgled. I did.

But the silly alchemy lady whose name is on the contract was asleep when I did it, I swear!

I entered her shop to buy things (honest! to BUY things!) and was attacked by two or three "hired thugs." One of them carried a contract instructing to teach "that thief Sigrun" (that's me) a lesson.

Of course, she's never said anything to me that would cost her a sale...

Is this the way NPCs react to theft instead of getting mad and calling a guard or attacking or whatever? And is everyone psychic now, instead of just the guards, or is this a bug? (Shop seemed bugged while I was robbing it. She was asleep--I checked!--but I still kept hearing her say all of the stupid stuff she says about browsing while I was cleaning her out.)
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
6 years ago#2
I think we are supposed to assume they put 2 and 2 together when it comes to missing stuff. Eh. Three guys tried to attack me outside a shop in Solitude. They all died.
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User Info: mjhbomb

6 years ago#3
I think its a random thing if you steal anything then a contract gets taken out on you even if no one saw you. Happened to me and no one saw me steal so it must just be a system in the game.
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User Info: Gladion20

6 years ago#4
I had the same thing happen to me, only problem is I don't even remember who it was that set the contract. Hein I think was the signature, I could be wrong there might of been a g in there.
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User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#5
if you kill the person, one of their relatives will take out a contract for your thieveng (not the killing, they don care bout that)
i stole from

*****************************maybe spoilers**********************************

that crazy witch lady outside riverwood, then the moira person she was writing a letter too sent the contract, despite the fact that all i stole ws the letter

User Info: Solid_Seb

6 years ago#6
Yea happened to me too. I steal as much as I can as often as from any place I can, so I wasn't too surprised, but I've always been careful to never got spotted, and keep my bounty at zero.

I guess some people prefer not to report crimes they see and take matters into their own hands? It was lisbet who sent the thugs btw.

I also had the dark brotherhood try to kill me in the same way. Their contract didn't tell me who sent it though.

User Info: -Caliban-

6 years ago#7
Yeah, I've never been caught stealing, but I had a contract taken out on me for it from some dude named Alvor that I can't place.

It was actually a really big help, because they showed up right when I decided to take on one of those super-powerful named liches that are sometimes entombed next to dragon walls, and they helped me fight it off--then turned on me and I killed them too. If they weren't there (or Barbas) I would have died for sure.

I'm stealing more now. lol
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User Info: manicorabs

6 years ago#8
They attacked me right after I had cleared out a fort of bandits. They strolled in after the fight, said hello and procced to attack. They didn't last very long.
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