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User Info: FloppyCannon

6 years ago#1
Feeling like to makes some potion or poison with multiple effects? but too lazy to dig through the ingredient list in the wiki? if you answer yes to both questions, then you come to the right place!

I got some free time during work today, so i program a little excel spread sheet that let you chose the desire potion/poison effects you want, and filter out a list of alchemy ingredients that produces the desire effects when combine.

Here is the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LKB0OFC3

How to use the spread sheet:

1) click the drop-down menu under desired effect 1 & 2 and 3 and chose your desired potion/poison effect. If you only want one effect, just leave effect #2 and #3 as "None"

2) Click on the match effect filter on the right side of the spread sheet and set it to "1". "Match effect 1" mean narrow down the ingredient list down to ingredient contain desired effect 1. If you want a potion with two effects, toggle "match effect 1 and 2" to "1".

3) you should see a filtered list that contain ingredients that can produce your desired effects when combined. The desired effects are highlighted so you can see them easier

4) To select a new set of effects, reset all the "match effect" toggle to "select all", then chose new desired effect.

For example, I want a potion that will both restore magicka and regenerate magicka.

The list shows combining Moon sugar and Taproot (or Fire salts mixed with Dwarven Oil) will produce the restore and regenerate magicaka effect without any negative.

Here are some common potion recipes using commonly found ingredients:

1) restore health potion: Wheat, blue mountain flower, butterfly wing.

2) restore magicaka potion: red mountain flower, elves ear.

3) regenerate magicaka potion: Garlic and Salt Pile (I imagine that taste pretty nasty in real life)

I hope you guys enjoy the spreadsheet, please provide any feedback for any improvement you would like me to make.

*the file is in excel 2007 format (.xslx format) so make you have that to open it.

*there are some mispelling and repeat ingredient entry in the file, don't worry too much about them.

TL; dr: Here is a alchemy potion/poison calculator, use it to make any potion/poison.
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