Is there any rating past "flawless"?

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  3. Is there any rating past "flawless"?

User Info: Tactical_Spork

5 years ago#11

From: slicknick21 | #010
You can also buy daedra hearts at the potion store in for daedric armor I made some and turned it into legendary daedra armor and its the best armor in the game as far as armor rating goes. It also looks awesome.

Is it light or heavy? And isn't Dragon better?
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User Info: Astroshak

5 years ago#12
Without having the perk for that armor type, Flawless is the best you can improve it to.
With that perk, you can bring it up to Legendary.

As for armors (chest piece defense, name) ...
Light :
20 Hide
26 Leather
29 Elven
32 Scaled
38 Glass
41 Dragonscale

Heavy :
25 Iron
31 Steel
34 Dwarven
40 Steel Plate
40 Orcish (other pieces are slightly better than Steel Plate, so it comes after Steel Plate)
43 Ebony
46 Dragonplate
49 Daedric

Dragonscale is the best Light armor, but Dragonplate is only second-best Heavy, behind Daedric.

User Info: UnSurreal

5 years ago#13
^ awesome... thanks for the info.

User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
5 years ago#14
Yeah, there is Epic and Legendary after Flawless. They are only obtainable with either smithing increasing equipment or by getting the perk in the skill tree.

Also, armor can go even farther then that, it just won't change from legendary. For example, right now I brought my Bow from 70ish to around 110 attack by using a smithing potion and equipping a smithing ring and smithing gloves.

I am pretty sure that the smithing enchantments cap out at 25%. So if you find or make an Armor, Ring, Necklace, and Gloves, with the perk for whatever kind of armor/weapon you are using, you should be able to make things 3x as strong.

That is not even including maxing out the enchantment tree and getting the perk for putting 2 enchantments on a single item. So you would be able to make it even stronger if you put enough perks into enchanting.
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User Info: Dilsco_

5 years ago#15
Tactical_Spork posted...
From: shadowofomioc | #002
Not sure about Daedric yet, havent looked but there is Epic and Legendary past Flawless.

Epic at 75. Legendary at 100 probably.
Oh sweet, I'm almost able to craft Epic :D

Are there actually any Daedra you can fight and kill in this game, or are they only mentioned....?

Some NPCs can summon them.
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User Info: altaccountguy

5 years ago#16
This is TC

Where can I find smithing stuff like that? I have the potions, but I need something to destroy so I can enchant all of my armor with smithing....
Tactical_Spork |

User Info: Showstopper316

5 years ago#17
You need Ebony Ingots and Daedric hearts to make Daedric armor, as well as everyone else is saying Epic is after Flawless and then Legendary comes at 100.
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User Info: Xx_ICEMAN_xX2

5 years ago#18
Tactical_Spork posted...
Also, what is needed to make Daedric armor?

yes you can make legendary, but I've only done this for daedric armor.

to make the armor you have to have ebony ingots, deadra heart, and leather straps.

You can find ebony in the gloombound mine, which is southeast of windhelm i believe. tons in there.

deadra hearts can be bought (they are under ingrediants). The only ones i've found for sale is from Enthir in the mages college. You also fight 3 daedra in the Azura's star quest. There is also one in joravaskr (spelling?) in whiterun (have to steal it)

those are the only ones i've found yet, but by buying them and what not i have a full set of daedric armor, and it looks amazing also.

You can make it even better if you enchant stuff with the fortify smithing enchantment. You can also drink a smithing potion, but i haven't found one yet

User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
5 years ago#19
My enchanting sucks so I just buy them from shopkeepers. Even with a 25% enchant potion I can only bring it up to about 10% Smithing.

They start to become more common once you get to higher levels. Try in the Radiant Remnants shop in Solitude for circlets, rings and necklaces and the blacksmith shop near the entrance to Whiterun for armor, helmets and gloves. Both the owner and his wife sell different items every couple of days. So just keep checking on them.

They occasionally have excellent and peerless versions of those items.
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