red eagle swords

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User Info: superlobo

6 years ago#1

You get three really cool swords. Go Far west to that one city  (sorry i'm at work can't remember name) there a cave close to that one Stone, I think it's called lovers stone. Go in the cave which is called Rebel cove and find a book with the name red eagle (good story).

 Activate the new quest to find the sword, kill the guy sitting on a throne that is outside on top a hill, take all his swords and take them back to rebel cove to open a secret door. Be careful, he will shout and disarm you completly every 5 seconds. Kill him and take his sword. Don't forget to get back red eagle swords on the way out that open the door. You should have three new powerful swords.

User Info: hoyt414

6 years ago#2
Yeah, done it but the swords aren't all that great if I recall. I'm still using my highly upgraded Skyforge Steel sword.
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User Info: AaronnosAKnight

6 years ago#3
The Sword effects are leveled. My Red Eagle's Bane is equivalent to my Dawnbreaker, (grabbed both after level 35, but before 41) 20 points of fire damage, extra damage to undead/zombie types. That, and Dawnbreaker makes them go BOOM. I love killin Draugr now.
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User Info: clottedBLOOD

6 years ago#4
it depends what level you are, low level, yes they are decent swords. At my level a legendary daedric enchanted sword gets the job done.

User Info: superlobo

6 years ago#5

ALL true, but I'm a level 14 warrior, so it was an epic find for me and I just wanted to share.

User Info: Spectre387

6 years ago#6
How do you get three swords from this quest? I killed the Briarheart guy on the throne, got the Red Eagle Fury and that was the only decent item I could find in this area. I'm at level 22 or so. And the Red Eagle Fury only does an extra 10 fire damage, but its just a steel sword. Any help, am I missing something or did this mission glitch out?
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User Info: Spectre387

6 years ago#7
bump please
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User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
6 years ago#8
i dunno, i must be missing something too, i did this quest around lv31 and all i got was a crappy sword that opened the secret door, which i left there in the pedestal holding the door open because it was junk, and the sword off the guy inside the secret room, which was also crappy junk.
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User Info: Spectre387

6 years ago#9
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User Info: boognasty07

6 years ago#10
I got 2 swords out of the quest. The one off the throne guy and the one that opened the door. I ended up just selling them bc its better to smith a sword and enchant it.

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