A post patch 1.2 (maybe patch 1.1) overpowering alchemy glitch

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  3. A post patch 1.2 (maybe patch 1.1) overpowering alchemy glitch

User Info: FloppyCannon

5 years ago#71
Guys, sorry about not typing out the exact instruction.

when i wrote initial post i blabber on too much and was over the post character limit, so i had remove some stuff, guess i accidentally delete the instruction as well, lol.

anyway mrivera889's instruction is mostly correct, except some step can be skipped.

I don't remember the exact %increases when i did it, but i remember the number was pretty ridiculous so i just wrote down what number stick of my mind. That's why mirvera889's result show faster increases.

I did the glitch on 100 alchemy with all perks, i assume it can be done at lower alchemy because the increase multiply itself pretty fast.

I did some calculation and found out at really low alchemy (when your potion only fortify ~3%) you need like 300 potions to reach a bench mark of 100 thousand %, but at max alchemy with all 29% gear and all perks (130% fortify), you only need 11 potions to reach the same %.

So you should get enough fortify alchemy gear to produce at least +50% fortify restoration potion to limit the potions quantity to around 22-25.

Any ingredients that produce fortify restoration are fine, i just happen to have abeacan fish and salt pile on hand.

User Info: Tron-Burgundy

5 years ago#72
It takes less than 30 potions from level 25 alchemy to reach the max. If you reach the max you have to restart. I stopped at 1502442. Should be enough for anyone. My method is 100% now. Good luck.
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User Info: omegaura423

5 years ago#73
ok its simple. not as complicated as people are making it.

1 put a fortify alchemy on something. best to put it on 4 peices or what ever. also usually best if they are atleast 5-10% if you are starting without max enchants.

2 go to alchemy table make resto potion. and use it. only 1

3 un equip your gear with fortify alchemy on it. and re equip. no need to leave the menu.

4 go to the alchemy table and make another new stronger potion. and use it. only 1

5 then go into your menu again and un equip your fortify alchemy gear. and re equip

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User Info: Tron-Burgundy

5 years ago#74
Oh, and I used 4 25% gear so you may need a lot more potions if you don't have that.
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User Info: brokenfingers

5 years ago#75
I can now confirm a third thing:

While armor seemingly goes up forever (I think mine was like 14000 on one piece) weapon damage doesn't, and at some point wraps around. I can't find the sweet spot, as my daedric sword and bow actually LOSE a few damage points (from 153 on sword to 148 the way I did it). So if we could find out just what the perfect % is, we'd be set.
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User Info: FloppyCannon

5 years ago#76
Also some finding on skill and enchanting after using this ungodly exploit.

Weapon Enchant Charge: try to keep total enchanting level at around ~200% enchant (skill and potion included), because after your enchant go pass 200%, the weapon charges actually "decreases" as your skill improve, it will shows up as 1,000 charge during the crafting screen, but it actually deplete in 5-10 hits.

According to the wiki, there is a singularity at 200% enchant that cause weapon charge goes to infinity and decreases post 200%. which might explain my result.

A way to negate this is to enchant an armor with reduce magic cost to 0%, then you can keep using your paralyze 999 secs iron dagger without losing charge.

Enchant Pickpocketing: Even with +10 million % pickpocket chance you still get capped at 90% success chance. And your stolen good is still cap at 750 gold value and 20 weight, if you didn't purchase any perk.

As a side note, i found out if you are trying to assassinate some target (for dark bro quest) without any sneak skill, you can goad the target into attacking you by fail stealing from him. The town will register the target as criminal and every NPC will try to kill him instead of you (you get no bounty too! except the 25 gold one).

Enchant Bartering: With 10 million % haggling, your buying price is cap at 100% item value and your selling price is cap at 100% item value. No more morrow wind shenanigans where you can buy stuff at 0 gold and sell 0 gold item for 1 gold.

Enchant sneaking: this is almost like 100% chameleon, i would shoot some one, guards come near me and goes "where are you, criminal scum? i think i'll just keep ignoring this guy 1 feet in front me".

New infinite gold glitch: you can just make a potion that's worth 100,000 gold, no more of that selling 1000x 50 gold books bull dung. I feel like I'm handing out government bail out bond every time i exchange 1 potion for all the magic weapons from a merchant.

I recommend not to enchant any damage and resistance skill, cause one shot every one and take no damage is a bit boring in my book.

I recommend only enchant utility skill like sneak, barter, magic cost and carry capacity.

On the side note, i think the patch 1.2 magic resist bug doesn't ignore magic resist entirely, you just need +100,000% magic resist to have the same defense as pre-patch +50% magic resist.

User Info: FloppyCannon

5 years ago#77
I believe weapon damage does goes up forever, it's only a display issue (it only display the first 3 highest digits).

I upgrade a daedric sword from 87 dmg to 997 dmg, one shot every thing as expected.

Then i upgrade a daedric bow from 102 to 127 using the same smith gear, still once shot every thing!!!

This means the damage is actually 1270 not 127. It's only a display issue.

User Info: AshtonShiken98

5 years ago#78
i think i might abuse this glitch to outfit Jordis with infinite armor / health so i never have to worry about acicdentally killing her.
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User Info: xjgunsx

5 years ago#79
This is what happened to me after patch. Dragon flying backwards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaNZHfdCF_0

User Info: SkrallRampager

5 years ago#80

1. You can either level alchemy enough to easily pass the threshhold with multipliers.


2. Enchant 4 + 25% fortify alchemy equipment parts. Only around 25 alchemy required. (Not sure exactly this is an estimate) This would require max enchanting.

I think I'll go with alchemy....
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  3. A post patch 1.2 (maybe patch 1.1) overpowering alchemy glitch

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