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User Info: Dsteezy

6 years ago#1
I've logged about 30+ hours into my "thief" class (alchemy, 1h, archery, stealth, lockpick) but I'm starting to feel my gameplay leads to a solid initiate and pretty bad sustained damage/survivability and the actual gameplay is very "hack and slash" basically pulling my triggers as fast as i can to do damage. I come from an RTS type background and I'm looking for a more tactical gameplay with some more excitement.

As not to ramble, I'm looking to make a new character and I'm looking for the most dynamic combat style. I feel like anything with block would be interesting as it adds a controlled mitigation besides backpedaling and sidestepping attacks, but I also feel like a mage type would be fun (If you cant tell im TORN) So if you love your character and think its the coolest, tell me about him/her or give suggestions on what type of character-type has the most involved combat

This is my first post on any type of Forum so I would really love any responses and suggestions

User Info: XenoMecha

6 years ago#2
A thief/mage rocks. I sneak around with poisoned daggers and lay magic traps ect. Adding some magic to your current character may be enough!
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User Info: tmrw_nt_tdy

6 years ago#3
on my main, which is my 45 nord, i'm playing as a sword and shield warrior with archery as my back-up. i find it more enjoyable than sneaking to almost every single monster/humanoid inside dungeons and be in a pretty bad pinch if you get flooded. being able to stun-lock things is pretty nice too. and you can always have restoration as your main magic back-up, or just other magic schools.
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User Info: Guns4Pros

6 years ago#4
I'm still in my first play through and loving it. I'm mastering one handed weapons,block,archery, Heavy armor, and smithing. I think for my next playthrough I'll do light armor,Destruction, one handed(slightly),alchemy, and something else..... I love the whole idea of an assassin but not for this game imo. Oh and welcome to gamefaqs! you'll encounter more trolls in here than skyrim could ever dream about.....
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User Info: CanuckCowboy

6 years ago#5
I was all about the thief/asassin build before skyrim.... Oddly after 10 hours on mage, thief, and plain ol' tank warrior i do believe the tank is the most fun for me atm.
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User Info: Dsteezy

6 years ago#6
Anyone know if mastering conjuration and using a permanent summoned "pet" and then using archery or something would be fun/viable? I feel like from what ive heard the way to go is the tank type because it has a cool melee aspect or a hybrid build (battle mage, theif/mage)

User Info: furypie

6 years ago#7
So far I'm loving my "Battlemage" class, Sneak, Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration, One-handed, later on I'll also throw in enchanting, smithing and speech. Right now rolling through the favorites list, casting stone flesh, then calling up a summon, it's mana heavy but I also have a nice mace to fall back on, and sneak to prowl an area and get a good feel of where enemies are positioned, Captures the "guerrilla" warfare aspect of Argonians, absolutely love it!
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User Info: PulcineAura

6 years ago#8
I've played as a mage, thief, mage-thief, and a one-handed warrior and I have to say the funnest one was the warrior. The mage was too much of a glass cannon, which got boring real quick (and I had to micromanage his spells a lot) and the thief was too reliant on sneak attacks (powerful at the beginning of the game, but quickly got terrible especially against groups). After playing both of them, I decided to combine the two which made me even more powerful than either one (could handle single targets and groups quite well). Now, I'm playing a one-handed warrior and I'm finding that it's more "complex" than the other two classes since I'm not used to close range combat.
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User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#9
either anime ninja (stealth mage with silent casting and heavy destruction focus) or

wanderer using bound weapons and alteration for armour (bandits attack an unarmed old man in robes, immediatley get decapitated after there swords bounce off him) or

khajit, heavy armour with the perk, wandering around uppercutting and chokeslamming guys

User Info: reptyle101

6 years ago#10
Personally I have most fun with my stealth class, oneshotting everything I can sneak up on with dual dagger sneak kills (but still having lots of challenge when they see me first). Second would be my shield mage.
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