Brelyna, Sylgia, or Ysolda??

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User Info: _krat0s_

5 years ago#1
Gaaahhh the decisions killin meh!! I actually didn't know how to marry, I just wore an amulet I found n bam, women check me out

I found these three willing so far... And...a dragon chick in windheim... Buttt im not really into the scales lol...

But I wanna know the benefits of marraiges, friends told me u can move to diff houses and they can be a companion... But what else? Is it permanent?

Can u change there clothes? I seen somewhere u can adopt a kid?

Sorry for the newb questions but I just wanna make the right choice in terms of benefits

And who would choose? Im kinda leaning towards ysolda or sylgia...just cuz lol
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User Info: Ibanez4570

5 years ago#2
The benefit is that they will open a "store" so you can buy and sell stuff with them and they will give you money once a day and a home cooked meal. You cant adopt a kid, I think you can only change their cloths if you use them as a follower and put certain thing in their inventory. I would choose Ysolda cause I married Sylgia and shes kinda been annoying the crap out of me lately.
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User Info: Iwantedzero

5 years ago#3
I went with Sylgia. No regrets.
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User Info: Elyon

5 years ago#4

Telvanni women are the best women.
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  3. Brelyna, Sylgia, or Ysolda??

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