Power Bow Bash

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User Info: Mad_Boss

5 years ago#1
As you may know, bashing with a bow isn't very effective damage wise but is useful to make an enemy stagger.

Wouldn't it be nice to add a bit of power to the bow bash? Well, if you hold the attack button to ready the arrow while close enough to the enemy to bash them, put the arrow away and then quickly bash the enemy it will do the amount of damage the arrow would have done while also causing the enemy to stagger.

Quite useful if your low on arrows and don't mind getting close to your enemies. Plus, if the bow is enchanted the enchantment will also affect the enemy.

User Info: LandscapeManX

5 years ago#2
tapping L1 while using R1 for aiming makes you zoom-in if you have the perk.

The Bash would be a bit better if it did more damage, a perk for it would be fine...
Cause sometimes the enemy is on his knees before me and I would want to finish him of with a bash to his jaw... but sadly it doesn't do any/much damage...
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User Info: Mad_Boss

5 years ago#3
LandscapeManX posted...
tapping L1 while using R1 for aiming makes you zoom-in if you have the perk

I also have the zoom perk but this trick still works.

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