Who would you want to marry but can't?

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  3. Who would you want to marry but can't?

User Info: Legendary_Musas

5 years ago#11
Brynjolf, Karliah, Niruin, any female Bosmer and any Khajiit.
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User Info: suz437

5 years ago#12

Hroki in markarth, you seen the "tats" on her :p

User Info: GoreGross

5 years ago#13
Dude, Hroki. I was just about to say just that. It's like we're long lost twins. Now found. <3
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User Info: idiggory

5 years ago#14
Chem students do it on the table periodically.

User Info: ajr209

5 years ago#15
I wanted the dark elf who runs the food stand in Riften, the one you give the ice wraith teeth to.

User Info: Checkmate88

5 years ago#16
Any kajiit.

Best accents ever.
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User Info: Nolax

5 years ago#17
All the hot ones you ca'nt marry....kinda sucks, xD.

I was told that Serra the priestess is hot and you can marry her, she has a hood though, to see her face you have to kill her, xD.

Going to save now, kill her and have a look.

User Info: VorpalSeraph

5 years ago#18
Rule #2! Lots of meaningless explosions!
Excel's second rule of anime

User Info: LB3

5 years ago#19
ChocoboDreams posted...
I've been hearing a lot about the females that you can potentially marry. In fact, I wouldn't even know if you could if not for this board (I had a female character first).

That said, can someone list who's available for female characters? It's a bit of a spoiler for me, but I fear I wouldn't know otherwise.

I believe all of thethe marryable npcs will marry you regradless of you being male or female.
My female character married the huntress chick.
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User Info: SPMcKinney

5 years ago#20
Ya anyone can marry anyone no matter if your Male/Female
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