fixed loot location for water breathing helmet

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  3. fixed loot location for water breathing helmet

User Info: FloppyCannon

5 years ago#1
After grind merchant for hours and still cannot find a water breathing item to disenchant.

I have found a water breathing helmet on rock crush cradle.

The helm is on a skeleton crush by a giant boulder. By on it, i meant it's on its head not inside the inventory.

I have tried it on three characters, so i'm pretty sure it's on a fixed loot table.

User Info: FlippityFlop

5 years ago#2
Good to know. Thanks for the info!

User Info: jehonaker

5 years ago#3
The helmet is a random enchanted helmet, just now checked and it;s a Hide Helmet of Destruction. Also, the place is Cradlecrush Rock.
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User Info: asylum777

5 years ago#4
has anyone actually found any decent loot at the bottom of the ocean or lakes yet? I've had a few deep dives until I start to lose health and come up for air, but found nothing yet minus some stuff to harvest?

User Info: wentouch

5 years ago#5

There are actually areas underwater much, much farther than can be reached without the underwater enchantment that are clearly designed to be searched, but none that carry anything worth keeping/looting. The places I've found that benefit the most out of underwater enchanted gear or the potion, are the small bodies of water where buildings collapse into the water or one of the capsized ship on the coast near Dawnstar and only that one. The Pilgrim's Way, or whatever it's called, has nothing. 

I think the game could benefit from a sort of underwater society, or perhaps Argononians that live underwater and can only be found there. That would be cool.

An a related note, you can put underwater enchanted gear on a follower and they will follow you underwater.

User Info: wentouch

5 years ago#6

Oh yeah. There is one fixed area to my knowledge with an underwater enchanted helmet and that's the Dragon Priest mask for Volsung. However, as you may already know, the masks cannot be enchanted. No other fixed area that I know of that carries underwater enchanted gear. 

It'll pop up eventually in a shop.

User Info: aaronimpact

5 years ago#7
Try the invisible chest in Dawnstar that's where I got my water breathing helmet.

Or where the headless horseman is buried. But try saving before opening the chest then reload if you don't get it.

User Info: Hanzou74

5 years ago#8
Pilgrim's Trench was a huge letdown. Lazily made location, why have a ship graveyard that's difficult to reach without water breathing, only to have it... basically have nothing?

/Agree, wish there was a fingleam of some kind, or at least something to find along those lines. :/ Has anyone scoured the coast near Windhelm? I've checked out the ice floes and found several ore deposits, but didn't examine underwater.

User Info: Atair

5 years ago#9
I've been looking for any item with the water breathing enchantment for a very long time. I've read posts where some have bought an item of this type from the Kahjit merchant near the Whiterun Stables. I lost track of the times that I looked at his inventory, killed him, reloaded, and checked out his new luck at all!

I've also read where one guy posted that the smith at the Sky Forge in Whiterun always had a water breathing item (amulet?) in his inventory, at least in his game. I've only advanced the Companions Guild to the point where you have to make a decision as to the Blood Oath, but this smith has never had any kind of enchanted armor for sale, at least not for me. Maybe this will change if I advance along that quest line, but I don't know at this point in time.

When I read the original post in this topic about the helm of water breathing on the Cradlecrush Rock skeleton, I fast traveled there and found that it was wearing some other type of enchanted helmet. I reloaded several times, and although the enchantment on the helm varied a bit, I never saw one with the water breathing enchantment on it. Maybe it depends on your character's level, and at level 64, perhaps mine is too high????
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User Info: Atair

5 years ago#10
First of all, sorry for the double post, although it has been quite a few hours in between. I want to thank FloppyCannon, the TC, for starting this thread. When I got home this evening, I loaded up the game and fast traveled to Cradlecrush Rock. The skeleton was wearing an enchanted helm, as always, but not the one that I was looking for.

The next four reloads yielded the same results.....enchanted helm, different kind, but not what I wanted. Well, the sixth time was the charm for me. I finally found a helm with the water breathing enchantment, and I could not be happier. Thanks again for the tip.
The time when someone could have finally and forever closed shut the Flaws of Oblivion.....has long passed.
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  3. fixed loot location for water breathing helmet

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