How do I get rid of my bounty?

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User Info: Psychic_Bucket

6 years ago#1
I'm pretty new at this game and don't know a whole lot about it, and accidentally got a bounty on my head.

I was fighting of some bandits a little ways away from Whiterun, because I didn't want them to kill me. Used fire spells to kill them rather quickly. When I went back to Whiterun the guards immediately started shooting at me and rushing after me. Went inside the town and all the townsfolk went after me so I immediately went back outside and ran away from the guards. After that I fast-traveled over to Riverwood and immediately got the same treatment.

Is this sort of problem common in Skyrim? Can I somehow remove this bounty on my head or am I doomed to never being able to enter towns again? Any and all help is appreciated.

User Info: Geosapient

6 years ago#2
Have you been stealing from town people or killing things you shouldn't? If you are being attacked on sight it sounds like you've amassed quite a large price.

If you have your weapons out try putting them away and see if that makes the people 'less' hostile. Maybe the guards will let you pay it off at that point or just put you in prison.
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User Info: Shadowwolf347

6 years ago#3
Did you kill a chicken by chance? Anyways, run up to a guard with your weapon drawn and then sheath it by pressing square. That should cause them to bring up a dialouge where you can pay off your bounty or go to jail. If that doesn't work, try going back to a previous save.
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User Info: Psychic_Bucket

6 years ago#4
No I never attacked or stole anything while inside the town, nor did I have my weapons out. I'm newbie at this game, but I know better than to do that.

Not sure if this helps or not, but I after the bandit incident I found a dragon that was attacking a mammoth. For some reason the mammoth got pissed off at me instead, so both a dragon and a mammoth were after me. I killed the dragon and then the mammoth soon afterwards, then went over to Whiterun just to be attacked for seemingly no reason.

I'm so confused. -.-

User Info: nebilim_ToS

6 years ago#5
Check if you are a vampire.
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User Info: tagamaynila425

6 years ago#6
This happened to me but it was strangely isolated to Dragonsreach. Nobody attacks me outside but the moment I step inside the castle, Balgruff's posse and himself immdiately goes after me. I didn't want to kill any of them so I just stayed out of there for a few days. When I tried to enter again to see if they're still aggroed, they we're fine and back to normal. I never found out what caused it and just chalk it up to one of Skyrims unpredictable bugs.
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User Info: Psychic_Bucket

6 years ago#7
I paid my bounty. (40 gold oh noooo) Everything seems to be all good for now.

I had a similar thing happen to me at Winterhold, which is all fixed already. Some Thalmor (??? not sure on the name here) guards were wandering just outside the city and were kinda aggresive when they first set eyes on me. They demanded I move along, but they were right in my path, so I waited a few seconds. They apparently didn't like that and attacked me, along with two nearby guards. I killed them all, wandered into the College no problem, did stuff, then stepped out the door to leave and was attacked by the teachers in the area. Sprinted away as fast as I could. When I went back everything was all cool again.

Hope this kind of stuff doesn't happen much more. I hate being hated by the townspeople.

User Info: grand_kaizer

6 years ago#8
nebilim_ToS posted...
Check if you are a vampire.

This. If you're a newbie it's possible you completely missed the prompt that tells you you've contracted the vampire disease and you've progressed into full vampirism. Happened to someone I know while they were playing - they hit stage 4 vampirism before they realised they'd even contracted it.
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