Deadric Artifacts Question - (Skeleton Key)

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User Info: sev1512

6 years ago#1
Hey all,

I've been trying to get the Platinum Trophy in Skyrim, and I'm only missing the Oblivion Walker trophy which requires 15 Daedric Artifacts.

I've completed all of the Daedric Quests, but I don't have the trophy. I looked into it more and noticed that I got the Axe of Rue (it's called something like that) instead of the Masque of Clavicus Vile.

I'm screwed on that one.

But then there's the Skeleton Key - what happened here? Why don't I have this? I vaguely remember a ghost asking me to return the key - something I stupidly agreed to.

Do you know if there is any way to get it back?

Say I'm screwed on this one too. If I start over another game, do I have to get all of the Daedric Artifacts over again? Or just one of the two I'm missing?

I'm pretty frustrated that this happened, even though it is my fault. But how was I supposed to know in advance that that stupid axe wasn't actually a Daedric artifact?

I've played the crap out of Skyrim and if I can't get this to work easily, I am probably going to give up on the game and put it away for good. I'm level 75 and I don't want to create another save file and character just to get one artifact and one trophy, even if it's all I need to get the platinum.

Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.


User Info: saintkd

6 years ago#2
Skeleton key doesn't count as one

your probably missing one or you gave up more than you thought.
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User Info: LB3

6 years ago#3
My main missed it too. I have other characters and if one of them gets it then great. It's only a game.
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User Info: Iceaxe0140

6 years ago#4
You can actually get two daedric artifacts from Hircine's Daedric quest. I know because I needed two more and got both of them to get the trophy; savior's hide and hircine's ring.

As for the skeleton key, I also had that in my inventory to make sure I got the trophy. Wasn't sure if it counted or not. Plus, it's pretty cool to have a lockpick that doesn't break if you didn't get the perk for lockpicks not breaking.

If you missed clavicus vile's daedric artifact, you're out of luck unless if you got both artifacts from Hircine's quest.
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  3. Deadric Artifacts Question - (Skeleton Key)

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