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User Info: aldric1

5 years ago#1
So my TH skill is at 77 with 4/5 on the first part of the skill tree. I acquired the Ebony Blade. its base damage after the womans voice said it was restored to its full potential is 15. ?? Really?? did I get it too soon glitch? i got the molog bol at lvl 7 or so and its damage was 28 for a 1h? did I do something wrong?
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User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#2
If your talking about "charging" it by killing people, that only upgrades the Absorb Health.

User Info: TheDebauchery

5 years ago#3
Ebony Blade is bugged.
It uses One-Handed skill and perks... BUT it TRAINS Two-Handed... and also can decapitate with the Two-Handed decapitate perk.

User Info: aldric1

5 years ago#4
so its base damage is 15? for a 2H weapon? sucky...
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User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
5 years ago#5
your missing whats they are telling you. its considered a 1 handed weapon, only it takes 2 hands to wield it. its damage is low because your 2 handed skill and perks do not effect it, only 1 handed perks and skill raise its damage.
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User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#6
you charge it by killing followers... its called the blade of decite for a reason
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User Info: aldric1

5 years ago#7
Ya I got that part... however with all companions but alea put down, the poof of an archer in riverwood; and the mages college liquidated. anyone who has followed me is taking a dirt nap. This said the base damage is only 15. So after reading the above post. I'd have to increase 1H skill for it to raise the base damage. I even did a save and killed everyone that could die in Winterrun/Dragonsreach. aside from my 22,000 bounty nothing changed.
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User Info: brett1081

5 years ago#8
Like was mentioned, the sword is governed by 1H skill tree. SO for instance my Nord with a 75 in 1H, with 4/5 Armsman perks, gets a decent amount of damage out of it. That being said, you can make yourself better weapons than anything the Daedric quests offer. The unique weapons in the game remind me of what was done in Fable 2 as compared to Fable 1. In Fable, the unique weapons were all far stronger than the best normal weapons in the game. In Fable 2, they were terrible. The majority of the unique weapons and armors are just plain bad in this game. With the exception of Chillrend, which is great if you get it late, they all seem to be lousy.

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

5 years ago#9
Also, it doesn't increase in strength from feeding it a friend's blood. That only increases the lifedrain effect, and up to a maximum of 30. It cannot be upgraded. So the only way to upgrade it's damage (as 4 people above have tried to explain already), is by raising your One Handed skill.
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User Info: frogbong

5 years ago#10
i felt like the deadric quest weapons serve their purpose.. yes, if you go down the smithing tree, you can make awesome weapons that are better, but the game is very much about "you dont have to follow any path" type of deal. If you chose not to make smithing one of your skill sets, the gear you aquire in these quest are quite nice. Besides, think how hard the quest would have to be if the gear was better than legendary+ dragon or deadric gear. Worth it, yeah, but hard. Also, the concept of being 100 in smithing is you are the best smith out there.. you should be able to make the best gear as the best smith, since even masters can only train you to 90
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