Is the Dark Brotherhood questline better In Skyrim, then Oblivion?

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User Info: X-The-Doctor-X

5 years ago#1

Oblivion's DB questline had a few great points like the Purification quest, or the Summermist Mannor one. But doing the dead drops was rather lame and became pretty tedious.

I started it on a Kajiht assassin I made but that file got deleted. When I usually play, I play with a morally good mentality in mind so I try not to harm people that don't deserve it. But I don't want to create another file just to do the DB questline. So I'll probably think of some reason as to why my character's become bad. Anyway though I want to know if the DB quests are worth more then just trophies, do you get anything good for completing them?

User Info: luigi4728

5 years ago#2
its mostly "go here kill these people get payed" but i havent done to much of the db quests i liked the DB alot more in oblivion
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User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#3
There's a set of DB gear enchanted mostly to help you sneak and do backstab. After completing the main story for them (which I'll just say to not spoil things has a pretty cool set of missions) unenchanted DB gear so you can still look the part, but put your own enchants on them.

I will say that the "cool" missions I'm talking about could be done better. But the fact they're in the game with everything else in the game is still just cool at all. Decent story stuff with cool rewards if you like the DB armor looks. Otherwise, yeah I think there's a trophy or 2 from it.

User Info: dudersaurus

5 years ago#4
With Oblivion you got bonuses for fulfilling certain criteria (like the one where you were supposed to kill the guy with the stag head).
In Skyrim there are no bonuses or penalties afaik for either the DB or thieves' guild. You can do the TG line never having to sneak and killing anyone you want.

In that way I think Oblivion was better, but the stories are more interesting in Skyrim imo.
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User Info: Lvl25Redneck

5 years ago#5
I thought that the DB quest line was too short. All the targets were pretty easy to get to and the lack of bonuses really made me miss the oblivion DB. I think all the guilds in skyrim are made so that pretty much anybody can do it and for those who are geared for, say the DB, wont get the same satisfaction. I do like the gear for skyrims DB alot more though, looks alot more assassin'ish than it did in oblivion.
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User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#6
There are 2 "bonuses" I can think of for the DB in Skyrim, but they weren't that big a deal. Rather, one is just a leveled cash reward. The other is an item that lets you do another quest which really just nets you some extra DB gear and a decent chest I think.
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User Info: FullmetalNoob

5 years ago#8

From: Hanzou74 | #007


There were exactly 2 fun parts to the DB in Skyrim: Killing the emperor, and killing Gaius Maro in the middle of Whiterun. That 2nd one was only fun because of the guard's sarcasm when they recognized me as the thane.

fix'd that up. Would that have been hard to do? Instead of being a douche and ruining parts of the game you could've done that.
From: MourningReigns | #012
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User Info: DigiOps944

5 years ago#9
Parts are pretty interesting in Skyrim, but it made me miss the DB quests of Oblivion.
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User Info: thor_1975

5 years ago#10
In skyrim i prefer the Thieves guild over the brotherhood. I felt in Oblivion the brotherhood quests were more fun to do.
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