Why is Falkreath pissed at me?

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  3. Why is Falkreath pissed at me?

User Info: RyanJMcD

5 years ago#1
I've never been to Falkreath before, and as I approached the city, a Redguard attacked me. Then a Falkreath guard said I owed a 40 gold bounty. How do I owe a bounty on my first visit, when I havn't even done any crimes in the surrounding area?
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User Info: Revolver_Raven

5 years ago#2
Let me guess, you stole someone's sweetroll?

lol I dunno same thing happened to me in Windhelm, I just paid it and went on my way since I had nothing stolen in my possession at the time.

Edit: It happened in Windhelm, not Winterhold. I dunno why I always mix those two up...Also it was a 40 gold bounty for me as well but I don't recall tresspassing anywhere so I have no clue why I had a bounty...

User Info: calimann83

5 years ago#3
You may have been in the hold when you committed some crime and not even known it. The Falkreath Hold covers almost all the way to Riverwood, in fact you start the game in the Falkreath hold.

actually that exact same thing happened to me. I got a fine for trespassing at half-moon mill but didn't visit Falkreath and pay the fine until much later.
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  3. Why is Falkreath pissed at me?

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