Stealth Follower and invincibility.

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User Info: Silbe

5 years ago#1
Are there some followers that are better at being stealthy? And is Mjoll the only invincible follower? I like to use her because, obviously, she can't die, but to be honest she always stumbled around behind me while i want to sneak up on someone, that sucks. :/

User Info: SirEntropy

5 years ago#2
In general, I've found that archers are the only ones I can really trust in stealth situations; Faendal or Aela being the two I have the most experience with. Even then, I find myself taking way too much time ensuring that I'm positioned in a doorway so that when my arrow does antagonize the enemy, they don't go in all half-nocked.

IMO, a stealth playstyle just doesn't lend itself to followers. The best I've managed to use them for is pure pack mules, leaving them outside of dungeons while I go and have all the fun. Even then, running from a dungeon's rear entrance to collect them just isn't worth it.
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User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#3

DB Initiates are stealthy AND invincible. Best of both worlds. Or, if you prefer Cicero.
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User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#4
IamI3rian posted...

DB Initiates are stealthy AND invincible. Best of both worlds. Or, if you prefer Cicero.

This. They also level with you to 81 (Only other character besides J'zargo). They have decent one-handed/light armor (Doesnt matter)/ archery.

They don't make very good archers as you have to give them arrows and they'll use them up.
Sometimes they'll bump into you if your trying to snipe people from a distance, and move you around.

Don't plan on getting arrested / dismissing them for long periods with one-of-a-kind gear, as they might lose all their equipment and go back to their base stuff.

You can glitch them to have a x2 DB Initiates + Cicero + Another follower (Or at least you could, not sure if the patch changed that)
Dismiss the Initiate, immediately talk to a follower and hire them. Immediately talk to the Initiate before they start moving and "I command you to follow me" option. They'll both follow you, and you can dismiss the non-initiate and hire another one without having to re-do this.

Best non-mage followers IMO, as they have the highest level potential, they can't die, they don't leave your service for any reason and rarely attack you for friendly fire. They also don't stand around and block like most of the Housecarls.

User Info: king_wrecked

5 years ago#5
if you're at level 81 and you sign on a recruit, do they start at level 81?

User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#6

follower levels are a total mess. for PS3 we really dont have any info, but guys on the pc version, have ways to crack the code, and look at the follower stats.

it seems like many followers, are set at the time you meet them. So that first guy, you meet in town River-something, and your at level 4. he STAYS level 4. so as you get farther and farther, hes in more and more risk of dieing.

YOu have to give them better armor, to keep them alive. Or use one of the un-killable ones, listen above.

follwers are broken, just add it to the list. I also use that dog barbas, who is un-killable, but a total pain in the arse.

Getting to level 81 might work AGAINST you. because things will level up that high, but some of your skills maxed out at level 50. and your many of your followers will never get there. I think there is one mage guy, that jar'zeo guy ( Sp), who for some strange reason, levels up with you.

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User Info: egpNoodlez

5 years ago#7
Well, if you ever want followers to level back to your level, just use_


The Wabbajack! HAHA!

User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#8
egpNoodlez posted...
Well, if you ever want followers to level back to your level, just use_


The Wabbajack! HAHA!

Doesn't work on Essential (Invincible) followers iirc.
The level thing is when you meet them (IE when you kill the 1st Dragon and Lydia walks in, she's at whatever level you are). Certain NPCs are different, or reset later on (Aela resets during a certain quest, there's two Ciceros NPCs).

It ONLY affects they're life, everything else levels up correctly. Not much of a problem as long as you give them decent gear. I think all of the enemies stop scaling with you at around 40-50 (30 for most of the common Bandits n' such), so you don't have to worry about Lydia getting manhandled at 81 anymore than usual.

User Info: Alessar

5 years ago#9
This is true, and also in my play I found marrying Vorstag upgraded him from about level 22 to a much higher level. (If UESP Wiki's google spreadsheet is accurate, his max level is 40 and I was 42 at the time of marriage).

User Info: shinobi2zz

5 years ago#10
xGenocidest posted...
IamI3rian posted...


A little off-topic, but you can have fun with this by recruiting Mjol along with the 2 DB initiates - Order the DB initiates to attack Mjol and then order Mjol to attack the DB initiates... never ending fights :)
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