Picking a side (possible minor spoilers)

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User Info: Gmajoe90

5 years ago#1
What are the benefits of the Imperials if you join them and what are the benefits of the Stormcloaks? Is one better than the other, or are they the same? What special items do you get for joining also or come across if you pick a certain side?

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

5 years ago#2
Both sides are exactly the same. You get the same rewards (other than the Stormcloak/Imperial armor) and do similar quests for both.

Basically, just choose which side you like more.
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User Info: sconekiller

5 years ago#3
if you're a naughty Nord and always on the 10 most-wanted list you'll receive amnesty when a hold changes hands during/after the civil war so you might want to factor that into your plans.

probably won't help you decide between red state and blue state; but once you have made a choice that'll give you a little more elbow room.

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User Info: Kaiboraz

5 years ago#4
There is a small benefit to going Imperial at the start I found. Although it doesn't require you to choose sides per say, in Riverwood if you followed the Imperial, you get better goods(the iron, steel ingots under the workbench) to take then if you had followed the Stormcloak. Although it is easy to steel them. It really depends how you want to play.

User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#5
*** SPOILERS****

The rewards are mostly the same, as has been said, except for faction specific designs on the armor. I would also add, however, that there are unique equipment gains, as well.

That is, if you like the way a certain leader's armor/clothes look, like Ulfric Stormcloak's torso gear and I think boots (been a while since I did it to be sure), then go Imperial since when you kill him, you can loot his body and wear his clothes.

I think the same is true of the Imperial armor that their military leader is wearing, you can loot it after killing him. But I know for sure that Ulfric wears unique gear that the only way you can wear it is to be Imperial and kill him. Looks kind of good on mages, to be honest.

User Info: Forza-Neon

5 years ago#6
Death to the Imperial Scum!!!!!
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  3. Picking a side (possible minor spoilers)

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