How the hell do i make Illusion spells useful

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  3. How the hell do i make Illusion spells useful

User Info: Oreos74

4 years ago#1
*casts frenzy on enemy*
*enemy runs to attack me instead of person closest to them*

K. So far it seems easier to just summon an atronach and then spam fireballs. Its hard to turn enemies against eachother with illusion spells.

User Info: H0tSh0tzZ

4 years ago#2
Frenzy is the most fun. Shot heimskir today with it and he got killed by everyone xD
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User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#3
Frenzy only works effectively if they haven't detected you lol.... Get silent casting and you'll love illusion.
Calm works whenever, it makes a enemy stop fighting.
Invisibility is great whenever you're not detected already.
Fear spells work good too in combat and out.
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User Info: InfiniSephiroth

4 years ago#4
In my experience for frenzy to work best you need to be not detected and somewhere they won't easily see you immediately after casting (even with quiet casting) or cast it while having invisibility ready in the other hand and then immediately cast invisibility after you hit them with frenzy. Next best thing is if 2 or more enemies are really close sometimes they might still come after you initially, but if you avoid them for a few seconds they'll turn on each other. In all cases the enemies need to be relatively close though because otherwise they will just walk around confused for a second (unless they detect you) and then continue about their business.

Definitely better for multiple enemies, but it can take a lot more time then say just using archery or melee, because sometimes the enemies barely damage each other, and can be dangerous if there are only two enemies and one of them is much weaker and is instantly killed by the other.

User Info: BurningLance

4 years ago#5
yeah Quite Casting is highly recommended when having fun with Frenzy along with other spells & shouts if you dont want to be detected.

i dont remember the spells name but the master spell for frenzy with very high sneak rating in a crowded area sure is fun.
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User Info: TheSentinel182

4 years ago#6
I'll tell you how to make illusion spells useful, use fury/frenzy on a chicken and prepare to never stop laughing =P Seriously though frenzy works best when you are hidden from the enemy and in conjuction with the quiet casting perk. Also, using it on a lone enemy is pointless, you need to make sure you're using it on an enemy in or near a group, that way they will have a better chance of attacking the other enemies instead of trying to search for you.

User Info: Oreos74

4 years ago#7
the thing is my character is a pure mage

in other words, absolutely awful at stealth.

User Info: Oreos74

4 years ago#8
anyways i found a way to make it useful

what i do is cast fear on everyone so they all run away, and they all usually run away to the same corner. Then I cast frenzy when they're all near each other. Blood bath everywhere.

User Info: Chain_Strike

4 years ago#9
I wish you could enchant clothes with Fear. I would love everyone to just turn tails and run at the very sight of me.
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User Info: ToadDemon223

4 years ago#10
There is no reason to say a Pure mage is rubbish at stealth. I assume you're wearing cloth, so you're not very loud to begin with. If you can afford the 1st point of stealth, you need nothing more. I sneak with my mage all the time, and that's all I have. I like to ease through a dungeon, using fear to herd everyone towards the same place, then casting fury and some atronachs and let the rest take care of its self.
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