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User Info: jzorro21

4 years ago#1
Trying to the Peryite quest. I can't find a flawless ruby anywhere. Anyone know a shop that sells one? Thanks.

User Info: HBOSS

4 years ago#2
theres a stranded boat with rare gems. Its in a river by the Skyhaven temple (forsworn). swim towards Marketh (sp?). Out of Marketh, run up towards Skyhaven Temple. Follow the road past the hill and down to the right. On the Right side theres a cave before the bridge you cross and an unmarked forsworn camp above it. That camp will have Imperials fighting there so you know your in the right area.
Now in front of both the cave and that unmarked camp is a river. Use the Waterfall if doubts then go to the left, follow the river and you will see it on the right just past the curve. Its not in the chest there but under the boat paddles. Its kinda rough to target with everything floating around. Theres a chest underwater beside the boat too.

also, I personally got a flawless ruby on the NE most shipwreck by College of WInterhold. Its closer to the Serpent Stone if that helps. Anyways, this shipwreck has bandits and a heavy steelplated chief. IIRC the flawless Ruby was in a chest there but maybe the chief could of had it too. I'm not sure. Theres a couple chests there though. 1 outside by the fire, and at least another in the ship

...be prepared after the next events. I needed tons of potions for the dungeon.
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User Info: Tru_To_The_Game

4 years ago#3
There's an alter near Skyborn Alter behind it on top of the mountain. I don't know who it is for, but it shows up in the HUD as an alter symbol. Usually when I go there I find a small pile of flawless gems and enchanted weapons, including flawless diamonds. There's also a dead elf nearby with a treasure map, just follow the trail of blood.
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User Info: jzorro21

4 years ago#5
Oh I know the dwarven ruin is long. This is my secon time through, just got back into the game after long break. That shield is hands down the best artificat.

User Info: iceman1685

4 years ago#6
if your lvl 40+ flawless rubies are not hard to find. and dwarven ruin has a good chance to get 1.

i myself have like 20 of them. not sure why i keep them but hey there are shiny

User Info: Craig_Goulart

4 years ago#7
If you had the prowler's profit perk (from No Stone Unturned quest) you could find a whole crapload of gems easily.
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User Info: jzorro21

4 years ago#8
Tried both places, only regular rubies. Wtf.

User Info: VT-14

4 years ago#9
jzorro21 posted...
Tried both places, only regular rubies. Wtf.

What level are you? They become much easier to find at level 20 (them may not be possible to find below that).
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User Info: Diaphat

4 years ago#10
It's a small chance, but have you tried mining? You may just get lucky and find one.
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