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Glitch: locked chest

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User Info: paragonjm

4 years ago#1
Is it me or the glitch doesn't works properly, I tried the glitch to open a locked chest with a lockpick but it doesn't open even if I do it rapidly, maybe it dont works with the new patch?
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User Info: OzeroCa

4 years ago#2
I' ve never heard of this method.. uh... what, you're supposed to ... use a lockpick and... do what rapidly?
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User Info: paragonjm

4 years ago#3
on Gamefaqs they say we can open them by rapidly select it then cancel, then select it again and the chest will open, but it dont works with me
PSN: UltimAnima88
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User Info: OhhhSnakes

4 years ago#4
That was for display cases....It did not work on chests, and I think it was patched.

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