Thane of Riften

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User Info: s0m3kat

4 years ago#1
Is there something other than the skooma quest that has to be done to get the offer to become Thane of Riften? I've completed it, and went to the Jarl, and she rewards me with a weapon for doing it, but doesn't give me the offer to become thane.

I thought it may have been a glitch, so I started another game. One of the first things I did was travel to Riften to do that quest (Honeyside is my favorite house), I again do the quest, clear the cavern, and still she does not give me the offer.

Any ideas?
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User Info: VT-14

4 years ago#2
What weapon did she give you? Blade of the Rift? Do you have a housecarl?

That means your a thane. The other way to check is to commit a crime and tell the guards your a thane.
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User Info: s0m3kat

4 years ago#3
No, it was a greatsword of frost or something like that, and I do not have a house carl

My next attempt is deleting and reinstalling game data
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User Info: PJB-11

4 years ago#4
Have you helped 5 people of the Rift?

I found the other day that I had begun the quest
"Convince Sapphire to forget Shadr's debts" but hadn't actually spoken to her about it.

When I completed the really simple task, the Jarl THEN told me to help five people in the city.

Have a look through your misc objectives and see if you have any "helping people" quests in Riften.

Could be any of the quests on this page.
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User Info: s0m3kat

4 years ago#5
I think I do have the fire salt quest open on the first game, so I'll finish that up and give it a shot

The other game, I didn't even go in Riften. I just went and gave up the potion, then went in and reported the dealer, cleared the warehouse, etc. So i'm really not sure on that one.
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User Info: VT-14

4 years ago#6
just help 5 people (even without the radiant quest)

give a gold piece to a beggar, chop and sell some firewood, pick some crops and give them to a follower, find Mjoll's sword and return it to her, etc.
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User Info: s0m3kat

4 years ago#7
I had both the fire salt quest, and the quest for the horse open. Once I finished them, it gave me a misc objective of speaking to the jarl. The option to purchase honeyside, and then become thane became available.

Oddly enough, I got a warhammer of sparks, not the blade of the reach from the jarl

Thanks for your help guys
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User Info: Prodrivertn

4 years ago#8
Screw Riften, no smelter. Markarth FTW.

User Info: demonwyrm

4 years ago#9
s0m3kat posted...
Oddly enough, I got a warhammer of sparks, not the blade of the Rift from the jarl

Fixed that for ya.

Two things. For future builds, the thane quest is glitched. By that I mean that the Jarl will never offer to make you thane. As soon as you finish eliminating the skooma operation and informing the Jarl, assume that you now need to help the people of the Rift.

Secondly, the Jarl's reward for becoming thane is glitched. She will never give you a blade of the rift. She'll only give you some basic enchanted item.
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