So who is getting these on release day?

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  3. So who is getting these on release day?

User Info: VT-14

4 years ago#31
Well who is going to update the Troubleshooting FAQ if I don't get the DLCs?

I'm buying and playing them when I have time. I'll probably download, install, and have a first impression Tuesday, but won't get in depth until later.

As for all the people saying they will try it out and post their results: why don't we just have one topic? maybe a poll on the relative amount of bugs with:
*No noticeable change from vanilla
*More bugs than normal, DLC still worth it.
*Too many bugs, DLC not worth it.
*Game = broken.
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User Info: toxic_jackal

4 years ago#32
How much will Dragonborn be when it's released on Tuesday (for the N.A. PSN store, at least)? I know they're supposed to be half off the first week of release, right? I will probably just do what other posters in this thread said they would be doing: buy and download the DLC, but not play install it immediately. Who knows what will come from this odyssey.

Then again, I'm also not ready to probably come back and play this game yet. I'm surprised we're getting Dragonborn (the newest) before Dawnguard (the oldest); it took this long to get Dawnguard ready? I guess I'm happy to see that I still have $5 left over from my PSN store giftcard because I don't even know if I will buy more dlc after getting Dragonborn. It's nice to know they're discounting the dlc the first week of release but will it even still be playable after that due to the hypothetical bugs that usually plague Bethesda games?

I guess we won't know until we actually install and play them. I was thinking about starting a new playthrough but I already have a few character files that I had "paused" on to see when/if we would finally be getting dlc. Still waiting for Dawnguard so I can finally play it with both my kitty Vigilant and Argonian spellsword. I don't know what themed character I would make for Dragonborn though.
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User Info: calimann83

4 years ago#33
Buying but not downloading, not because I am afraid of bugs but because my current character isn't ready for other storyline yet. yes I know I don't have to participate in any of the DLC until I want to, but I am a little OCD about having quest pop up and not finishing them.
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User Info: SunSaru

4 years ago#34
I've been mining like a boss for Hearthfire, can't wait to respec in DB, and need my dragon bone greatsword from DG. All day one.
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User Info: ArmedRebellion

4 years ago#35
I'll be buying, AND playing on day 1

I like to live dangerously.
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User Info: Craig_Goulart

4 years ago#36
I'll buy them and play them at Launch.

I've endured Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I assuming this will be better then those two in terms of performance.
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  3. So who is getting these on release day?

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