what equipment should i give malborn?

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  3. what equipment should i give malborn?

User Info: Usher67

4 years ago#1

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#2

Weapons... And...uh...

That's it: weapons
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User Info: Tru_To_The_Game

4 years ago#3
make sure to take a few lockpicks and equipment suitable for sneaking and poisoning.
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User Info: MShogunH

4 years ago#4
Everything you need to fight...

I normally just give him all my weapons/armor and pray that a dragon doesn't attack while I'm on the path down to the stables... Never had a problem
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User Info: darknero1989

4 years ago#5
wepons and amor
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User Info: keysmash

4 years ago#6
Challenge yourself -- nothing, potions at most.
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User Info: sconekiller

4 years ago#7
for starters, how about a cool nickname? his given name is the worst

charge your enchanted weapons first or bring along some soul gems.

you may encounter a few lightning-casters, so it's good to have the appropriate protection (wear your rubbers)

lightfeet and visibility potions would also be handy

it would be good to have someone to draw fire away from you, so you may want to acquire a staff or spell to cast an atronach
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  3. what equipment should i give malborn?

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