File Saves and play time question.

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User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#1
Hi. I hear things about the game being unplayable or breaking down later. I did some reading on these forums and everyone seems to have different things to say. I don't really understand it all as i didn't start playing skyrim until about June 2012. I play it quite casually playing a long session every month or so.

So far i've clocked about 55hours and my file size is 5281kb. Is that big?
I often leave the game on idle too and have spent along time just exploring and doing side quests and checking wardrobes and stuff because i'm used to other RPGs where that usually pays off and feel you have to search everything.

But now after seeing about this save size stuff i'm worried i've wasted my game away.
Is there really a kind of time limit for playing it?
I've only just done the diplomatic immunity quest in the main quest. I spent loads of time inbetween getting the voice powers and exploring up to the mages college and doing side stuff up there.

I don't really have (or want) time to start the whole game all over again but i worry im never gonna be able to finish this game. I only just bought the dragonborn dlc and hearthfire too and wasn't planning to do them until ive done more of the original game.

I was playing the other night and the game did appear to crash. I got stuck on a loading screen (the music was still playing) but it just stuck loading for about 10 minutes and then i gave up and turned it off. Is this the start of it...?

Thanks for any help, sorry if i'm repeating alot of whats been said before

Sureley people have played it alot more than me but i only seemed to find people taking about 100 hours?. I don't know how i have managed to clock so much already. I guess i often leave it on pause... (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)

User Info: Eedrah

4 years ago#2
No, most of the complaints you heard were from pre-v1.4, unless you're already experiencing game breaking lag, you don't really have anything to worry about. Also 99.9% of people that still claim to have these issues started their save file in pre-1.4 days...

User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#3
I read about that patch. Is that just an improvment or a fix?
Like do you reckon i still go at a snails pace and rack up hours and hours and not worry about it?

I just want to play at my own pace and enjoy the world and not have to rush through the main quest.

Just after searching on forums i couldnt seem to find people with much over 100 hours.
Am i the only one who leaves it idle while i make/eat dinner and have a bath and go to the shops lol (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)

User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the reply. (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)

User Info: LordOfCinder

4 years ago#5
15 MB, over 180 hours save file here. Game runs very well with the latest patch and Dragonborn.
"And the original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience."- Microsoft

User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#6
Oh that's good to know.
I wonder if the file size could ever get so big you would run out of room on your ps3 (after deleting everyone) Mines a 300gb one.
Seems a bit mad how big it gets. Surely we dont need to remember where pots and buckets are dropped for 'immersion' (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)

User Info: Eedrah

4 years ago#7
Just play at your own pace, no need to worry about that which you have never experienced first hand, and probably never will...

And even if you do experience problems, your PS3 isn't going to blow up in your face, the worst that can happen is you will get mildly annoyed by a bit of framerate lag. It's not really as bad as the whiners made it out to be....

User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#8
Oh no i'm not worried about my ps3.
I just mean i don't want to find another 50 hours into it i can no longer play the game and need to restart all over again.
I don't really want to restart at all probably wouldn't even bother. But if i did i would rather do it now than later was all. (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)

User Info: MetroidOnIce

4 years ago#9
I was in your boat, I was a bit worried the game, which I was 50 hours into, would eventually break down. I'm over a 100 hours in and non stopping, my girlfriend has a save nearly 170 hours whilst I seen people here with 200+ hours.

truth is, your likely experience some frame rate drops, but it's not going to be gamebreaking, I'm talking of a few seconds dip and not even by that much. the game is very playable, don't panic if the frame-rate stutters a bit, remember these games are pushing consoles to their max!

My 110 hour/12 mb does take a lengthy time in loading between the world and cities, but if you're worried turn of autosave that helps load times quite a bit.

User Info: hystericmoonJDA

4 years ago#10
Thanks for the info
yeah some buggy framerate issues don't bother me too much.
It was more fear of it becoming unplayable and crashign and freezing.
Guess i won't think about it anymore. (japanese/korean pop/rock forum)
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