Good steward candidates?

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User Info: Spurner

4 years ago#1
I need someone to keep Rayya company. I'd prefer someone who doesn't really serve any other function, ruling out the housecarls. I'd rather keep them in place.

Which ones do you all use?

User Info: SmokenAshes

4 years ago#2

User Info: Steavis09

4 years ago#3
I used Brelyna Maryon from the College, it made bandit raids that much more hilarious; to see magic flying at them while me and Rayya ran them down.

User Info: Kazgotflred

4 years ago#4
Lydia baybee
| /azgotflred
| \azgotflred

User Info: Vash453

4 years ago#5
Roggi Knot-Beard from Kynesgrove.

He looks and plays the part best imo. He is often found "working" around the homestead which was something I liked a lot about him as it seems like he takes his job seriously. According to the inn keeper in Kynesgrove he is an excellent storyteller which from an RP perspective sounds good if you have children.
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User Info: Brett8

4 years ago#6
I tried to use followers that somewhat fit what I had in mind for each house and my character, RP-wise, and who I'd probably forget about otherwise (so also those not serving some other function or residing at a place I visit frequently enough, like the College). I ended up going with Adelaisa Vendicci, Golldir, and Illia.

User Info: IamI3rian

4 years ago#7
Illia's busted (like any other 'mercenary' is too). I don't think I can fix the mercs.

I think I can fix her though.

She'll never follow you again thouhg. = /
Remember: IamI3rian told ya.
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User Info: Spurner

4 years ago#8
You know, I've kind of warmed to the idea of Cosnach. Generally, I like to have female followers and/or housecarls, but this guy might need a bone thrown to him. A lost drunk might need a hand offered for a chance at redemption.
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