In the Legendary Edition, is the DLC installed from the disc?

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  3. In the Legendary Edition, is the DLC installed from the disc?

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#11
VT-14 posted...
ElectricMole posted...
yeah, you can pick and choose which dlc you want to install. pretty cool that they didnt force all 3 dlc to install all at once.

Could you elaborate? With the new release, I should update my troubleshooting FAQ. I already have Vanilla Skyrim with all the DLCs, so I'm not buying the Legendary Edition just to test.

When can you pick and choose which DLCs? When you start downloading game data and such? Can you refuse to download the most recent patch (Doesn't matter in Troubleshooting, but does for people deciding which version to buy [exploits]).

If you don't download, say... Dawnguard, How do you download it later.

If you play A DLC, then Delete the associated files (Vanilla have Skyrim and Skyrim Update; what does Legendary have?), do you get to pick and choose DLCs again? If so, the majority of my guide is still valid (specifically resetting DLCs and (repeat) Patch Updating).

under the game option on the xmb below were the game button is to play there is another below it that says somthing like dlc,but any way you click that and it gives you 9 options of the dlc you just click on what you want.i clicked everything but the vampire one and later when i want i will click dawngaurd.
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User Info: Lestat007

4 years ago#12
If its like oblivion it will be as if the dlc was part of the vanilla game all along. Which I loved except for the shivering isles. I loved the story and it was fun, but I did not have the leveling thing down and my character was a wimp when I hit the isles. Other than that it was wonderful.
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User Info: Orohu

4 years ago#13
Here's what I found (re-posted from another post I made, accidentally in the Xbox 360 board)

I can confirm the following:
1. The Legendary Edition has two Disc 'sections' on the PS3 (like the extra LBP2 or GoW Collection disc content) within the single Blu-Ray, one has the actual game, the other has Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn (available in English, French, and Spanish, separately). You can install any of these add-ons at your leisure for free, without the need of a download code or internet access.
2. Already downloaded Skyrim DLC from the PSN isn't detected by the Legendary edition
3. DLC saved on the hard drive from the Legendary edition isn't detected on non-Legendary editions, even ones at the latest patch.
4. The Legendary edition already has the latest update (1.09, I think) pre-loaded on the disc.
5. Non-Legendary edition saves work perfectly in Legendary edition.
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